GBN: Bryan Colangelo Not Planning On Filling Final Spot Anytime Soon

July 28, 2009

by Brandon Marsdin… Sorry guy’s still not mega GBN. For those of you who care you’re probably like “holy geez, taking long enough.” I know, I know, but i swear to you it will be out soon unless we have to tweak because Bryan get’s a deal done with Carlos Delfino or a trade happens.

Then, it will take longer. But, I’m attempting to keep everyone occupied aren’t I?

So, from what I hear and read is that if worse comes to worse and we don’t get Delfino signed to a contract. Bryan won’t be scurrying like a muscrat to try and find a guy to fill that roster spot and be panicing like alot of GM’s would.

Infact, He won’t fill it not with Carlos Delfino until late August. So, keep your ears and eye’s wide open and I’ll be here to write about it if anything happens in the next few days or whenever.

Their will be a lot of rumours that the Raptors and Delfino have agreed to a contract and there will be alot of rumours about who will fill the raptors final spot and what’s going through Mr.Colangelo’s head.

I can assure you that if the Raptors and Carlos Delfino can not agree on a deal. That it’s not because he doesn’t like the Raptors. In an interview Delfino stated that “during my two years with the raptors, the organization and players we’re all really nice and friendly. After games and events, different players and people of the team each time would go out with each other to the mall, to each others houses, to the movies, w/e.”

In Carlos’s time in Detroit they ”rarely hung out with each other after games and events and the guys would often make fun of me because I could not speak english very well.”

Detroit may have been a “dynasty.” But, according to what Carlos just said they weren’t very nice to all of the players on the team and didn’t treat everyone equally. I hope they’ve changed.

He also stated that “I’m looking foward to re-joining the Raptors.” The way thing’s are currently going delfino could be signed by the date I threw out there of August 7. Apparently, the only dillema is still the money.

So, Bryan give the man his damn money already it’s only 5 million and he sounds like he’s going to give the team his all. It’s not like he’s Stephon Marbury who thought he was still a 10 million a year player when the summer started and now look at marbury:

Although, I must admit he get’s crazy and sometimes looks like he’s having a lot of fun especially come night time. He also doesn’t seem to like wearing a shirt. (all the ladies start watching, hahaha)

Getting back to Delfino and the vacant roster spot. My number 3 to 6 options I put in the fourth edition are looking better by the minute. As those guy’s have already fallen through the cracks because they are really cheap.

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