Spring Cottage Life Show

January 4, 2011

Wanna catch a great show? Come and visit, its a BLAST. I go every year and suggest you do too.

Whether you are looking for a boat, deck, dock, water toy or water system, there’s more than 475 exhibitors to enjoy. Plus, there’s dozens of free seminars, cooking demos, and feature areas to enjoy.

Friday, March 30: 11am-8pm
Saturday, March 31: 9am-6pm
Sunday, April 1: 10am-5pm

About Us

April 10, 2010

Saltwater & Freshwater Regulations When you set the hook on a fish, and you feel the tug that you’ve been waiting for, time seems to slow down. It’s probably your brain speeding up, but for that brief moment, relative to what is happening, time does seem to stop.

sebileOur idea is unique in delivering what’s first and foremost a fishing trip. You’ll have an incredible opportunity to relax and experience the natural beauty of the Kawarthas.

If you’re looking for white linen or pampered luxury, you’re not going to find it here. But if you’re looking for clean, comfortable accommodations, outstanding service, equipped fishing boats on a lake with the most diverse fishing, my friends you’ve found us.

You’ll spend quality time with quality people like yourself and you won’t believe what a special lake you fished and the fish you caught. You will leave with a smile on your face that I can guarantee, and if you’re like the majority of our guests you will return.

A day at The Fishing Lure Lodge

April 9, 2010

Days at the Fishing Lure Lodge start early for most people, a quick breakfast and then its off to the dock – anglers can start fishing soon after dawn.

At mid-day, guests return to the cottage for a BBQ – a chance to share stories from the morning and enjoy a few hours of downtime before the evening fishing, which starts in the afternoon and runs until dusk. Some conversation, a bite to eat, maybe a movie wraps up the long fishing day.

The host is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and he delights in sharing the information with our guests. Our boats are in shape and do an excellent job transporting around the lake.


April 8, 2010

sunset through trees panorama

We at Fishing Lure Lodge offer the best rates you’ll find anywhere. Tell us about better rates and we’ll match them, wait, we’ll offer you the same rate + a 5% discount.

Weekend - $169/pp

Long Weekend - $249/pp

Five Weekedays (Monday to Friday) - $299/pp

One Week (Sunday to Sunday) - $399/pp

We also offer the use of canoe and bikes.

Please note: Add 10% to above rates in prime busy season (June 26 - September 7)

Please call for group rates


TOsports website is Down for Maintenance… We’re working on it and should be back soon, very soon!!

February 3, 2010

We got Hacked, yes Hacked! I guess now we’re in the same league as the FBI, BBC and Microsoft. Must be the work of a Sens or maybe even a Habs fan… the douchebag!!

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