Toronto Toros Comical Logo!

December 28, 2009

Toronto Toros Logo - A beefed up blue and red bull holding a hockey stick
by  Avry Lewis-McDougall…

Remember the 2004-05 NHL Lockout? If you’re a hockey fan of course you do. And during that lockout many of us turned to watching the AHL, more junior hockey or leagues in Europe.

One group though, tried to bring back the WHA in 2005 and had Bobby Hull as the commissioner, naturally this league never got off the ground but it did leave some pretty comical logos.

The new WHA, brought back the Toronto Toros but this bull looks like he’s had wayyyyyy too much HGH. It also appears, that this bull is pounding his hand into a puck that looks more like a flat drum while gritting his teeth which probably means he hurt his hand when his hand (yes it’s a hand and no longer a hoof, HGH can do that to animals watch the episode of Family Guy where Stewie got a pig from an alternate universe that was so ‘roided up he had fists instead of hoofs).

I don’t know what would have been wrong with bringing back the old Toros logo with the jumping bull, because an angry animal that looks like he took a few shots in a sensitive area from Roger Clemens’ former trainer Brian McName looks pretty lame. At least the Toros didn’t use a maple leaf anywhere in the logo.

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(logo courtesy of Chris Creamer’s