The Raptors Final Roster Spot: Should It Be Left Vacant?

August 16, 2009

by Brandon Marsdin… A question continually going through my mind is if the Toronto Raptors should just leave the final roster spot open or should it be filled?

Let’s Look at who is Ideal to fill our final roster spot. Well, filling in some potential depth issues at PF and SF.

Now, these are in no particular order and our completely randomized.

Potential Guys Who Can Fill the Final Spot

Brent Petway

Well, Brent Petway is questionable. He did have a decent SL performance, but that only means he cannot not play (not a typo).

He has some hops, but “Air Georgia” doesn’t exactly fill the void. He weighs about as much as a point guard, but still plays the SF position at 6′8 and 205 lbs.

He would really need to put some meat and muscle on his bones to be NBA ready, as he weighs five pounds less than point guard Jose Calderon.

Right now, he is out of the question.

However, if the Raptors were interested in him, he should seek help from the Raptors’ strength and conditioning coach and one of the best in the business, Francesco Cuzzolin.

Pops Mensah Bonsu

As annoyed as I am with the constant talk of him, Pops Mensah Bonsu fits the void. If he is working hard on his SF game, he wouldn’t be a bad pick up.

He’s a crowd favourite, brings energy, and crashes the boards. He seriously, needs to work on his range and he better learn how to shoot the three.

Rob Kurz

For some reason, I just have this feeling that this guy will be a good role player in a few years.

He’s extremely cheap and would sign for like 1 million. He can get some rebounds and some points and he’s young.

Rob Kurz really deserves a chance and you know he is a decent player and has potential, when a top team like the Cleveland Cavaliers is interested in him.

He’s 24-years-old and plays at SF. I think he should be really considered by Bryan Colangelo. Then again, if Colangelo was interested in this guy, he could have acquired him by maybe throwing in a draft pick or Roko Ukic in the Marco Bellinelli trade.

Letting, Lurz go along with Bellinelli will prove to be huge mistake for the already troubled Golden State Warriors.

Joey Graham

Joey Graham is built like a brick sh*t house and he can play at the SF and PF positions. However, he has proven that he cannot be consistent and that is really what is holding him back.

Gerald Green

The former slam dunk champion, Gerald Green, plays at SF. Like PMB, Green is a crowd favourite and brings energy. He would also be a better choice than Pops, but, like Graham, he can be inconsistent.

Undrafted Rookie

There are a bunch of undrafted rookies out there. As the days go by, I keep hearing about this other guy and that other guy. The Raptors should and will take a look at some of these hopefuls, after all, it can’t hurt.

Courtney Lee

Now, this is just a rumour. But, supposedly Courtney Lee is not happy with the move to New Jersey and wants to sign elsewhere. He is a guard/forward at 6′5″ and 200 lbs.

If Lee is able to play in the NBA, then scratch what I said about Brent Petway. Although, they both should consider putting on some weight.

The other question with Lee is if he will get enough minutes? I think he will because he would be acquired in a trade and we would have to give New Jersey a guy or two.

I know there are a few more guys that could be ideal, but I’m going to stop there. Which brings me to the second part of this story.

Should the Raptors Just Leave the Spot Vacant?

This is a question that I constantly think about, and for now, I’ve come up with this answer: No, they should not.


Because of the following three reasons:

1. There is too much talent, that you would miss out on and I believe it is too big of a risk to leave it open.

2. If you were to acquire someone in a trade (example: Courtney Lee), it would help you to ”clean up” the backcourt and the eight guards we already have.

3. Depth is the key, as we learned with the almost 50-win team in 2006-07. If one of our key players were to go down with an injury, say Chris Bosh, then Reggie Evans would become our starting PF. However, he can only play so many minutes, so then who fills-in as his backup?

You could have Bargnani playing a little less minutes at C and add the minutes to Rasho’s and then, when Evans get’s tired, Bargnani fills in at PF. But, then Rasho could become tired and if it’s crunch time in a close game, do you want POB playing those important minutes?


So, we need a third string PF as insurance in case of injury.

Those, in my opinion, are the three reasons why the final space should be filled.

Oski Wee Wee Oski Wah Wah: Ti-Cats Two Games Above .500

August 11, 2009

by Brandon Marsdin… Well, aside from the rain, I have to say that it was worth seeing it live and the cheap seats are the best, especially when it’s raining.

I’ll give you 4 reasons why: In front there is a little concrete track and then the endzone and the cheerleaders spend a lot of time standing right in front of you on that track,shaking those sexy bodies while cheering and the tight costumes add to that sexyness.

But, to top all that they are getting wet in white, tight costumes because they are standing in the rain. That should count as four reasons alone. But, to add to that you always have the roudiest fans in the cheap section (the rockin out, die hard guys and the guy totally wasted just yelling at the players to catch the ball and stuff, and telling the cheerleaders to wiggle something.

I forget the other two. But, you have to go to at least one live game a year. There is nothing like it. Alright, now to the game recap.

The Ti-cats faced a tough team to beat and one that had the same record as them and the best record in the west in the Edmonton Eskimos. Now, you really question QB Quinton Porter in the first half as he makes frequent mistakes.

Infact, it is almost as if he has to warm up and get a feel for the game because he really shows his stuff in the second half and he was a factor in Hamilton’s come from behind win.

Yes, it’s true the Ti-cats came from behind 14-21 to beat the Eskimos scoring two unanswered TD for a final score of Edmonton 21-Hamilton 28. One winning run off of a pick off by Hamilton.

A Ricky Ray bomb was intercepted by Markeith Knowlton at his teams own 21-yard line, he ran with the ball to the Edmonton 43-yard line, then was tackled. Hamilton set up at the Edmonton 43-yard line and Porter passed it to an open Deandra Cobb who went on a 40-yard run.

Which was initially ruled a TD. But, after a challenge it was deemed his knee was down at the one-yard line which to me made no sense to how it wasn’t a TD because as far as I know, the ball hit the ground in the end zone and it always counts where the ball lands unless you are going out of bounds.

Hmm?… anyways, it didn’t really matter because it ate more time away from the minute that was left in the game and QB Quinton Porter would rush the one-yard to give the Ti-cats the winning TD.

The Ti-Cats were trailing most of the game and really the only things they had going for them in the first half were Arland Bruce and Chris Davis seeming like the only ones who caught the ball and Porter could decently throw to.

I’m not sure if those were the guys who scored the TD in the half. But, they were getting all the first downs and yards. Then, Porter I guess finished warming up. None the less, It put’s the Ti-cats two games above .500 and a 4-2 record since at least four years.

Next Sunday the Ti-Cats head to Saskatchewan to face the 3-3 Roughriders which should be a good game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re continued solid play led them to the win. But, only time will tell if they can continue to “mesh” well.

They’re next home game is the always exciting Labour Day Classic against the Argos that I will be attending. There is always Argos fans that ride down the 403 and come to Ivor Wynne. If you are attending live like me, Consider this a warning that fights and/or brawls will ensue. Should be fun!

Canada’s Lost Teams: Renewing The Toronto Huskies

August 10, 2009

by Brandon Marsdin… So, let’s do a skip, hop, and a jump, way back to 1946. As the Huskies, were about to enter the BAA’s inaugural season, as one of the first teams to ever enter the Basketball Association of America.

The First EVER NBA (at the time it was BBA. but, now a days is known as the NBA) game at Maple Leaf Gardens (which they should never turn into a Loblaws dumbass MLSE, have they already?) was played between the Toronto Huskies and New York Knickerbockers.

By the way, this guy makes some good points right here:

Although, the dillema why we sportively did not keep the original franchise name “Huskies” upon entering the league was that it was too similar to the Timberwolves logo. Which I find stupid who cares about the logo when you have different names, play in different cities, and Different coloured Jersies.

Alright, getting back into story mode. The Huskies would end up falling to the Knicks 66-68. On the Night, any one taller than the Huskies tallest player at 6′8, George Nostrand was given free admission(imagine if it was Manute Bol, uh good luck with that. I think even the players would have to pay to get in).

They opened up the night before a crowd of 7,090. Throughout the one season before the Huskies demise, they wen’t through a lot of changes. Having 3 new head coaches in one season, altogether that’s 4 head coaches.

Alright, since i’m really not in the mood to put all that much information into one season to a point where i not just bore you guys, but, myself. Let’s fast forward to the final  game of the Toronto Huskies Franchise.

As the final game of the season approached attendance numbers had gone down the shitter. Ever since opening night, it only decreased. The Huskies would end up losing a close one to the Detroit Falcons 63-66.

They achieved a losing overall record of 22-38. As the Toronto Star posted that the owners of the Huskies, Eric Cradock and Harold Shannon had lost upwards of $100,000 that year. Put, into account that tickets cost 75 cents to $2.50 and that’s alot of money they lost.

The Star also, reported that throughout the season the players had broken into three cliques that rarely spoke to each other and had no respect for the coaches. It was just to big of problems and too many and could not be fixed.

So, during the 1947 summer the owners didn’t try to sell the team nor try to relocate it to see if they could make up for the money they lost. Although, it was probably not a big concern as i believe one or both of them owned the CFl and they both owned a team or two.

They just plain old gave up and the Franchise folded after only one season. None of the Huskies Head Coaches would go on to coach another NBA/BBA game. Only five players would go on to play ten or more games in the NBA after that season.

I have to admit I kinda like the logo.

At 48, Dennis Rodman Would Still Be Toughest Player on Raptors

August 6, 2009

by Brandon Marsdin…

So, this has probably been written, said, and typed a million times.  But I haven’t read it yet and I wanted to make my own case on why Dennis Rodman should fill the final spot on the Toronto Raptors’ roster.

As we all know, he is the fiercest guy to ever play basketball, except for maybe some guys in jail.  Anyway, it’s been a long time since he has graced an NBA court as a player; in fact, it’s been 9 years.

He’s now 48 years young, but is still one tough S.O.B.  Seven months ago, he actually won the first ever celebrity championship wrestling title, beating out the likes of Butter Bean, Dustin Diamond, Danny Bonaduce, Erin Murphy, Frank Stallone, Trishelle Canatella, Todd Bridges, Tiffany(the singer), and Nikki Ziering.

If I remember correctly, they were learning how to throw people through the ropes and Rodzilla (Rodman’s wrestling name) actually tossed Bonaduce through the ropes when he was actually just supposed to grab him and direct him and make it look like he tossed him.

Bonaduce actually had to leave the show because he injured his back and was in quite a bit of pain.  It was not as bad as originally thought.  So, Danny returned to the show, but, got eliminated the next week.

When Trichelle found out that she and “Rodzilla” were going to be practicing together, she said something like, ” I was actually really worried and scared because Dennis was actually injuring people and being too agressive.”

I think he actually hurt the Mean Bean once or twice, too.  This guy is still tougher than nails at age 48.  During his career, he played power forward and small forward, which are two positions the Raptors need depth at.

I’m sure Rodman would love to make a return to the NBA and he’d probably be willing to play for any team.  He’d accept a one-year deal and likely take the veterans minimum.

If the above does not make you think twice about bringing Rodman out of retirement, just think; even if he was half as tough as he once was, that is a whole lot of toughness.

He’d only be playing maybe five out of 10 games, and he’d play garbage minutes. Hopefully, he would rub off on the other players and improve their toughness and defence.

He’d also probably beat the hell out of Chris Bosh after the game, especially if Bosh made one of those comments he did last season, like blaming a loss on Jamario Moon.

He is exactly like Reggie Evans except is better offensively, has 5 rings, two of which he won without M.J. by his side.  He’s not afraid of guys, gets right into players’ faces, chases down the ball, isn’t afraid to play rough defense, isn’t afraid he’ll get suspended, and he also enjoys kicking the odd camera guy.

Just take a look at this video evidence documenting Rodman’s toughness:

My point is everyone always complains about how the Raptors are soft and have terrible defense and that Bryan needs to acquire some toughness. We need one more Dennis Rodman type player(Reggie Evans is the first). Well, why try to find a Rodman type player when you can have the originator himself Dennis Rodman.

He would be a great addition even if he’s 48. When has there ever been someone more physical and dirty than Dennis Rodman? There hasn’t.

The final roster spot should not be filled by Pops, or Joey Graham, or some other guy.  It needs to be filled by 48-year-old Dennis Rodman and that’s the bottom line because I said so.

On a side note: The man may cross-dress. but, would you confront him about it?  Didn’t think so.

Bad Blood May Fuel: Good Ol’ Rivalry Toronto vs. Cleveland or Orlando?

August 5, 2009

by Brandon Marsdin… So, with Anthony Parker and more recently Jamario Moon signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers, are we know in a feud with the Cavaliers?


With Orlando acquiring the man that screwed over this franchise Vince “Bitch” Carter and us acquiring Turkoglu, are we now in a feud with the Magic?

Hmm… well i really have no idea how i’m going to figure this one out. Let’s just overview all the factors and possibilities that go into these feuds.

Cleveland Vs. Toronto

Cleveland has two former Raptors in Jamario Moon and Anthony Parker. They also, have Shaq who called the face of our franchise Chris Bosh ”Rupaul”.

We have no one on our current roster who has played for the Cavs. But, we arguably know have a guy who will stand up to and guard Shaq in Reggie Evans. Although, unless we’re double teaming Shaq he won’t be guarding him and Andrea and maybe Rasho will.

The matchup of the starting line ups looks like this:

Toronto Cleveland

C:Andrea Bargnani                                             C:Shaq

PF: Chris Bosh                                                  PF:Anderson Varajeo

SF: Hedo Turkoglu                                             SF: Lebron James

SG: Marco Bellinelli(in my opinion)                         SG: Delonte West

PG: Jose Calderon                                              PG: Mo Williams

Cavaliers win Center, Raptors win PF, Cavaliers win SF, Tied at SG, Raptors win at PG.

This years season series should be interesting because our second unit is arguably the dirtiest in the NBA and the Cavaliers have a good second unit.

If Belli has a break out year, he can beat out Delonte and if Bargnani continues to improve he may be able to hold Shaq from getting some baskets.

It’s pretty tight if you ask me.

Orlando Vs. Toronto

The Magic have enemy No.15 on their roster which means they are practically calling out the Raptors. While we stole one of their key players last year in Hedo Turkoglu.

Now, both are past their prime. But, Hedo is two years younger than Vince and has more left in the tank. Vince has never done anything that significant basketball wise except teabag dunk that tall Australian or something guy in the olympics.

Hedo has made it to the NBA finals and is the defending most improved player.

Let’s look at the starting lineup matchup:

Toronto Orlando

C: Andrea Bargnani                                   C: Dwight Howard

PF: Chris Bosh                                         PF: Brandon Bass

SF: Hedo Turkoglu                                   SF: Rashard Lewis

SG: Marco Bellinelli                                   SG: Vince Carter

PG: Jose Calderon                                    PG: Jameer Nelson

Orlando wins at center, Toronto wins PF and SF, Orlando wins SG, Orlando win PG.

We can pull out wins against Orlando if we utilize where we’re better than Orlando which is PF,SF, and maybe PG. The question is will that be the gameplan when the Raps face the Magic?

Our second unit beats Orlando’s. So, when they’re on the court we can get more points than Orlando. Hopefully, under Triano’s system the raptors flourish and do what they need to pull out the win.

GBN: Raptors Still Interested In Kleiza

August 4, 2009

by Brandon Marsdin… Well, I’ve kind of gone with a different format in recent GBN’s and not stuck with the original “Breaking Down The Good, The Bad, And The Needed” and the second one “The Good, The Not So Bad, and The Getting(?)”.

I’m going retro with this one and going back to the original format. Let’s start by breaking down

The Good

So, rumour has it that if Denver we’re to rescind their qualifying offer to PF/SF Linas Kleiza. That the Raptors will attempt to pursue him. Now, there is 2 things that would have to happen before the Raptors could even make an offer to Kleiza.

A: The Denver Nuggets would have to rescind their qualifying offer to Linas. The only reason they would do this would be that they want to remain from paying the luxury tax.

B: The Toronto Raptors would have to dump salary by waiving a player(s) or most likely trading away (a) player(s) for just draft pick(s) or cash considerations.

Now, Kleiza would only improve this team and make it’s future look even brighter as he’s only 25. The Raptors would also get more depth at their wing spot and power forward spot. His Defence would be welcomed as well.

If the raptors traded away players for nothing in return. It would be easier for guys on the roster to get more minutes. Dare I say it, they would even possibly have a roster spot open for Pops ”THE LEGEND” Mensah-Bonsu, OMG!

The Bad

In making room to acquire Kleiza the Raptors would lose depth. But, with all the guys falling through the cracks and the minimum salary guys out there. The depth could be brought back and we’d have the chance to add more experienced players to the roster.

He could possibly just clog the SG and PG positions even more.

The Needed

We could really use his defence, bulkiness, and toughness. He would be a good fit and we could use him as added depth on the wing. But, I think he would be put to better use as our 3rd string PF.

I think we need him at PF more than SF.

The Not Needed

We may not even need Kleiza nor PMB because our depth at SF is pretty deep when you think about it. I mean Wright will/should be used as back up SF, I don’t think we realize how good this guy actually will be.

Demar Derozan will/should be used as a back up SF, as well as Bellinelli. That makes our depth at SF 4 players deep.

Kleiza should/can be and if acquired will be used as the 3rd string PF. But, when you think about it Bargs can play PF and may be used as the 3rd string sometimes.

The two questions that go around in my head are; Do we really need Kleiza? Will Kleiza be willing to play the garbage minutes?

Although, Linas Kleiza may sometimes be used over Reggie Evans as Evans is not very good offensively. But, how hard can it be to put the ball in the net when you’re two feet away in the key?

Next GBN is by Brandon Marsdin along with… Micheal Malcolm.

Raptors Big Question: What Will Happen To The Unibrow That Is Quincy Douby?

August 3, 2009

by Brandon Marsdin… Ok, so we now have Jarrett Jack, Demar Derozan, Marco Bellinelli, Antoine Wright, and Quincy Douby who can all play at SG.

That’s five guys who can play the two. Let’s go through what their mindsets are right now regarding how many minutes they will get and if they’ll be happy.

DeMar Derozan- He’s a rookie and right now all he is thinking about is cruising in his new cadillac escalade and picking up some babes to see if he and his buddies can get lucky. He doesn’t really care how many minutes he gets he just wants to play basketball and show people how he can help the team and what he can do.

He also knows that Bryan Colangelo and Jay Triano think highly of him and will give him  significant minutes on the court. He also knows the raptors don’t have a back up SF and knows he can play that position.

Jarrett Jack- Happy to be reunited with his college rommate and friend Chris Bosh and will play wherever the hell the Raptors want him to play. He knows he is more comfortable at PG and knows he will be primarily used to fill in for Jose Calderon when he needs to rest.

Marco Bellinelli- Happy that he gets to play with his friend and national -team-mate Andrea Bargnani. He knows that he is someone who has been coveted by Bryan Colangelo since coming into the league and like Derozan Jay Triano and Bryan Colangelo think highly of him and will ensure he remains happy with the minutes he plays.

He also knows he can play some PG where he may recieve minutes and SF where he may recieve minutes. He also knows people have told Bryan and Jay that he can play solid defence something the Raptors lack.

Antoine Wright- He knows that his former coach Rick Carlisle has told Bryan Colangelo and Jay Triano good things about him and that he was probably the best defender on the Dallas squad. He knows the Raptors are a soft team and lack defense. Which should now ensure him getting solid minutes.

He will most likely be the primary back up to Hedo Turkoglu for possibly the entire season unless Derozan or Bellinelli prove something different.

Quincy Douby- He knew his job was in danger. So, he does what he can to try to ensure he keeps that job for at least another year. So, he sets the Summer League on fire only to find out in the weeks to come that he has been moved down to a fifth string SG.

He could possibly be moved up to 3rd string SG or PG, but, that is seeming unlikely. If he was looking to find significant minutes on the Raptors squad and “re-birth” himself as an NBAer he may be out of luck.

Then again, he knew he wasn’t playing at a very high level and may have seen this coming. His SL performance may have earned him a spot on some other NBA teams roster. Whether he is traded or waived I imagine he will be guaranteed a spot in the NBA.

He may be kept by the Raptors and personally I wouldn’t mind that at all. I like Douby and even his trademark Unibrow and would welcome him with open arms if he were to stay.

Good luck! QB. If you thought the previous weeks were tough, you’re in for a wild ride in the ones coming.

Five Reasons Why The Raptors Should Not Re-Sign Pops Mensah-Bonsu!

August 1, 2009

by Brandon Marsdin… Alright, so I admit in PMB’s short time as a raptor I liked him, but it’s time to get real here there are so many better players out there that the raptors can possibly sign to the final roster spot.

Hopefully, this article can help you realize that PMB is not going to improve this squad at all and might even make it worse. This is the article where i am per say going to rip on Pops Mensah-Bonsu. But, I will do my best to not exagerate and just give straight facts.

At No. 5.I don’t even think Bryan will fill that final roster spot via free agency. As he’ll probably get a two for one or three for two trade done.

4. It would be a stupid move because he’d be lucky if he saw two minutes of playing time and he would become Marcus Banks getting paid to sit on the bench. That equals $5+ million in wasted money.

3. This one is about the simplest one and it’s that the Raptors need a backup Small Forward and not a fourth string Power Forward. Honestly, if were to go down with injuries they would move Bargnani to the four and have Rasho as the starting five.

2. With all the guys being waived and all the guys who have yet to be signed. The raptors could easily convince at least one or two better players and better fits to their squad at a one year deal than PMB.

1. He was amazing for the first three games he played as a Raptor. But, after that you could tell why the Mavericks and Spurs did not re-sign him and barely had him playing and the Mavs just had his rights and he rarely made an appearance on their roster. He actually missed like two or three wide open dunks in the games he was a Raptor.

I look forward to all you PMB fans comments.

Carlos Delfino Vs. Linas Kleiza: Who Is the Deadliest Warrior? Part Deux

July 30, 2009

by Brandon Marsdin… It’s Part Deux of the Carlos Delfino Vs. Linas Kleiza Deadliest Warrior saga. This time around we’re covering Kleiza, and it’s going to be in French…

Just kidding.

Let’s get started, shall we?

It’s a battle of the combo guard-forward vs. combo forward-forward, SG/SF vs. SF/PF, Kleiza vs. Delfino. Who will come out victorious?

Linas Kleiza’s season stats are as follows:

2005-06 season: team: Denver Nuggets, 3.5 PPG, .2 BPG, .2 SPG, 1.9 RPG, .2 APG played 61 games out of 82 and averaged 8.5 minutes a game.

2006-07 season: team: Denver Nuggets, 7.6 PPG, .2 BPG, .4 SPG, 3.4 RPG, .6 APG played 79 out of 82 games and averaged 18.8 minutes a game.

2007-08 season: team: Denver Nuggets, 11.1 PPG, .2 BPG, .6 SPG, 4.2 RPG, 1.2 APG played 79 out of 82 games and averaged 23.9 minutes a game.

2008-09 season: team: Denver Nuggets, 9.9 PPG, .2 BPG, .4 SPG, 4 RPG, .8 APG played 82 out of 82 games and averaged 22.2 minutes a game.

Per 36 minutes it looks a little something like this:

2005-06 season: 14.8 PPG, .9 BPG, .7 SPG, 8 RPG, 1 APG

2006-07 season: 14.5 PPG, .3 BPG, .7 SPG, 6.4 RPG, 1.1 APG

2007-08 season: 16.8 PPG, .4 BPG, .8 SPG, 6.3 RPG, 1.8 APG

2008-09 season: 16 PPG, .3 BPG, .6 SPG, 6.5 RPG, 1.3 APG

During the playoffs it looks like this:

2005-06 POs: 2 PPG, 1.3 RPG, .7 APG; played three games and averaged 3.6 minutes.

2006-07 POs: 1.6 PPG, 1.6 RPG, .4 APG; played five games and averaged 13.2 minutes.

2007-08 POs: 14 PPG, 6.5 RPG, .8 APG; played four games and averaged 30.5 minutes.

2008-09 POs: 6.9 PPG, 3.2 RPG, .5 APG; played 14 games and averaged 15 minutes.

His career averages are the following:

Per game: 8.3 PPG, .2 BPG, .4 SPG, 3.5 RPG, .7 APG

Per 36 minutes: 15.8 PPG, .4 BPG, .7 SPG, 6.6 RPG, 1.4 APG

Playoffs: 6.4 PPG, 3.2 RPG, .5 APG

Now for the YouTube clips:


He has good size and strength for a wing, much like his teammate Carmelo Anthony, and he fits well with the Nuggets’ system, which is the same as the Raptors’ run n’ gun. He has really good range and uses his size to his advantage on both defence and offence.


He still has a long way to go if he wants to be relied on for 30-plus minutes a game. He lacks the speed to keep up or get past other wingers, and he really doesn’t help at times with weak defense.

Before you guys make your decision, take into account that Delfino will be 27 and Kleiza 25 this year. Delfino is a better defender, and I think they’re just about the same as far as rebounds. But as of now, Kleiza is the one who is more efficient with his range and has more power, and they’re both very intense players.

By stats, I’m pretty sure Delfino wins. But by potential and maturity, who knows?

Don’t forget to say who and why in the comments section, please. I’ve also made improvements to the Carlos Delfino article.

Kleiza or Delfino: Who Is The Deadliest Warrior?

July 29, 2009

by Brandon Marsdin… So, Raptors fans, including myself, are dying to know how we can acquire Linas Kleiza from Denver. We are all interested in him ever since talk of Bryan Colangelo trying to bring him over here started July 1.

We are really excited because (a) he actually apparently has said he would like to play for the Raptors (b) we’re tired of the Delfino shenanigans and this guy is equal or possibly better than Delfino (c) he may be the answer to the raptors playoff problems as he was a solid contributor to the Denver Nuggets run to the western conference finals.

But Raptors fans myself included are still interested in Delfino because (a) he like Kleiza has stated he wants to play for Toronto (b) he was a solid role player off the bench during the raptors last season they made the postseason (c) the last time the Raptors made it to the post season they weren’t nearly as good on paper as this year’s team and last years (don’t panic we’ll do way better than we did last year).

Delfino would play a possible lesser or morer (yes, I just made that word up) role with the raptors this season meaning either he has less fatigue going into the playoffs or he develops faster by getting more exposure.

It’s a battle of the combo guard-forward vs. combo forward-forward, SG/SF vs. SF/PF, Kleiza vs. Delfino, who will come out victorious?

We’re going to take a sort of Deadliest Warrior theme, posting season stats and averages and career season averages, their weapons(in this case what their strengths are), their weaknesses, some YouTube clips and then YOU decide by voting on the poll and in a week or two we’ll decide who wins regardless of who get’s signed by the Raptors.

Now, Delfino alone will take up a couple pages. So, were going to split this into two articles. Part Two will come out sometime tomorrow or Friday.

Let’s start with Delfino: His Season averages are as follows

2004-05 season, team: Detroit Pistons 3.9 PPG, .2 BLKPG, .7 STLPG, 1.8 RPG, 1.3 APG played 30 out of 82 games and averaged 15.3 minutes a game.

2005-06 Season, team: Detroit Pistons 3.6 PPG, .2 BLKPG, .3 STLPG, 1.7 RPG, .6 APG played 68 out of 82 games and averaged 10.7 minutes a game.

2006-07 season, team: Detroit Pistons 5.2 PPG, .1 BLKPG, .6 STLPG, 3.2 PPG, 1.1 APG played 82 out of 82 games and averaged 16.7 minutes a game.

2007-08 Season, team: Toronto Raptors 9 PPG, .1 BLKPG, .8 STLPG, 4.4 RPG, 1.8 APG played 82 out of 82 games and averaged 23.5 minutes a game.

But, per 36 min. it would look more like this:

2004-05 Season, 9.1 PPG, .5 BLKPG, 1.7 STLPG, 4.3 RPG, 3APG

2005-06 Season, 12.2 PPG, .7 BPG, 1 SPG, 5.6 RPG, 2.2 APG

2006-07 season, 11.2 PPG, .2 BPG, 1.2 SPG, 7 RPG, 2.3 APG

2007-08 season, 13.8 PPG, .2 BPG, 1.3 SPG, 6.7 RPG, 2.7 APG

During the Playoffs it looks like this:

2005-06 season,  .6 PPG, .5 RPG, .3 APG played 8 games and averaged 4 minutes a game

2006-07 season, 2.3 PPG, 1.3 RPG, .5 APG played 16 games and averaged 8.4 minutes a game.

2007-08 season, 8.6 PPG, 4.8 RPG, 2.2 APG played 5 games and averaged 24.2 minutes a game.

On a side note: I was just looking at his salary and he didn’t even make $2 million during his time with the raps. Now, him wanting double that and a bit which is $4 million I think that’s the right price. But, he wants $5 million because those damned Russians went and over payed him.

His career averages per game are as follows:

5.8 PPG, .2 BPG, .6 SPG, 3.0 RPG, 1.2 APG

His career averages per 36 minutes are as follows:

12.3 PPG, .3 BPG, 1.3 SPG, 6.4 RPG, 2.5 APG

Now for the YouTube clips:

STRENGTHS: Has shown that he can be an excellent Defender and Rebounder.

WEAKNESSES: He’s not the most consistent shooter. But, still takes those deep shots from behind the arc. Hasn’t been able to really move the ball into a scoring position when around the rim.

If the Raptors acquire him or another team in the NBA does, then I can use the player by stat comparison feature on the web sites that have it. But, as the head to head features are up to date, it doesn’t have delfino’s stat’s and shows zero across the board. I may have to do this the old fashioned way and use my noodle.

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