Fishing in the Kawarthas

August 13, 2009

NOcar NOboat NOproblem…

Kawarthas produce some of the best fishing in the province. With just over 130 lakes in the area, the Kawarthas are a fisherman’s paradise and only 90 minutes away from the GTA. The Kawartha lakes region of Ontario is comprised of many lakes, namely Dalrymple, Pigeon, Rice, Canal, Buckhorn, Stoney, Chemong, Sturgeon and Balsam. Most of these lakes are very similar in composition, with the majority being fertile, both with weed and rock structures.

The Kawarthas region provides anglers with an array of fishing opportunities.

Walleye – a.k.a. Pickerel is the most popular and arguably the most beautiful game fish in Ontario, the walleye is best known for its delicious meat. Average weight of walleye in the Kawartha Lakes is 3lbs but walleye over 10lbs are not uncommon.

Bass - Without doubt, the largemouth bass is the best known fish in the Kawartha Lakes. Largemouth are brawling fish, aggressive strikers and are mostly found in the warm, weedy, slow or still waters.

Northern Pike - One of the greatest fighting fish with a vicious strike, the Northern Pike can be found in shallow water along the shores and marshes of Stoney Lake and in Lake Dalrymple. Although their average weight is 2-4lb it’s not uncommon for catches over 25lbs to be found in the lakes.

Muskellunge – a.k.a.: maskinonge or muskie. A voracious predator, the Muskellunge has become a Kawartha Lakes legend and has been a hot topic and the centre of conversation of anglers around the area for hundreds of years. These long slender fish average 5-10lbs but catches over 45 inches have been caught in many of lakes.

HOT Spots - Gannon’s Narrows (located between Pigeon and Buckhorn Lake) - This area is a definite hotspot come opening day, with many boats and anglers vying for the walleye’s attention. The number one choice of lure in this deeper-water area is jig and minnow combination, slowly and deliberately bounced on the bottom.

Burleigh Falls (located on Stoney Lake) - This is another tried-and-true area with the abundant current holding many walleye in place. Jigs and minnows seems to produce best, although casting with minnow baits does pay off in big dividends, especially for those willing to go out after dark.

Causeway (located on Chemong Lake) – Shore casters have been making the journey to this hotspot for years, as it offers a chance for those without a boat to scrape up some walleye. Fishing live bait under floats and casting crank baits seems to be the best presentation during spring.

Weedbeds at Red Rock Island (located on Buckhorn Lake) - Casting crankbaits and jigging in the weeds are the keys to cashing in on this area. Watch for the sudden depth changes, and present you bait at these key spots.

Lake Dalrymple, always produces big fish, real quality lake. Try Upper Dalrymple and you just might be the only boat on the lake.

Fish Blast - come fishing with us, the spring is the best time to catch the BIG ONE!