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October 19, 2009

by Christian… What do we make of the JML/CC/Gamboa situation? What fight will happen first and why is there so much indecision coming out of JML camp

This is an emerging debacle that Robert Arum (more on him later) really is not enjoying at the moment. JML about a year ago was an albatross in the 122-pound division. No comers or takers anywhere in site. The future looked so bright, so fruitful, and so limitless. Then Arum shot himself in the foot and he has no one to blame but himself. For reasons that escape me Arum began promoting JML the way he promotes JCC jr. Headlining him on a Latin fury PPV cards against any mandatory that we can find and count the Puerto Rican money that comes in. He has taken a true primed pound for pound fighter and turned him into a house fighter. As the public began to grow restless with Arum’s in house machinations a hot tall young champion of Cuban descent emerged with two 122 pound alphabet titles and mouth that Clay could admire. CC in all his glory began to speak the boxing publics mind

1.     “When he going to fight a real fighter?”

2.     “How many Latin fury PPV can this dude headline before he steps up in class”

The list goes on and on and as CC accusations and rants grew the light began to shine more and more on the handpicked nature of JML campaign as a top-level fighter. As if this was not enough to upset the Top Rank apple tide, recently inked Gamboa was elevated to a full titleholder even though he had not defeated Chris John (more on that later). No matter my feelings on how his title came to be the bottom line speaks loudest. He is an official world titleholder without the interim tag. He is also undefeated and would be relatively cheap to compensate at this point in his career. Conventional wisdom would push arum to protect his assets for another couple of months and try and make the fight with CC therefore not assuming in house risk. If Gamboa and JML tangle it is written in stone that one of his undefeated fighters will lose that undefeated marketability. It’s all about the market place ladies so lets just plan on a nice crisp 122-pound unification in the first quarter of 2010

What do you make of Thomas Hauser’s assertions about HBO budget problems and that Boxing after dark will be discontinued at the current rate we are traveling?

I read the work. Brilliant piece of writing and its amazing that we don’t have to pay some type of fee to have access to the cutting edge reporting of Mr. Hauser. I consider Thomas a friend. He has always been supportive of me and my ambitions as a writer and he was even kind enough to let me interview him about a year ago. This latest effort was bone chilling to say the least. Russ Greenburg is guilty of a lot of things. Personal decisions, giving Golden boy nod after nod when the situation seems to dictate otherwise. I believe where HBO is running into trouble is quite simple: Match making and distribution of license fees. I believe that 7 million for DLH/Forbes is the dumbest f##king thing I have ever heard in my life. I believe paying just fewer than 3 million for a Johnson/Dawson re-match is suicidal when it comes to maintaining an expectation of good service from your registered viewers (me among them). I am of the school of thought that no real boxing fan wants to see Paula Mal/JD rematch. They are going to sell the entire promotion off of the integrity of Texas’s judges. Well Russ the Judges that gave the fight to JD are not actually going to be combatants, they wont even be in the building. So what are we really watching? Then if that is not enough Victor Ortiz who re defines the word soft is going to be the co headliner. Where HBO loses me if the fact that they are going to throw Sergio Martinez on the UNTELEVISED undercard. The only solid current world champion, who will easily be the best fighter on the card, is relegated to no TV. Now what do JD and Victor Ortiz have in common? You guessed it GOLDEN BOY. Look at the scenario that I just painted. Russ and his band of merry men are making tactical business follies that are dilapidating the HBO brand and hurting us as consumers. So I guess I agree with Thomas haha. Tell me this fans…instead of the awful proposed situation that seems to be upon us why not pay 2 million for Tua/Cristobal A? Or even  a JMM/JD rematch. In those particular fights neither side can command more then half of the proposed license fee AND it would be an exciting fight with exciting fighters with a history of being exciting. Not the craptastic (had to use that word (=  ) product that will be coming our way

Could you address the MMA situation and the repeated comments about boxing by Dana White?

Where do I begin (=………I will admit that MMA as a business entity is on the upswing and has a model in terms of its basic infrastructure that has it poised to succeed in this capitalistic society. I would also say that having the backing of one of the world’s billionaires (Lorenzo Fertitta) is not a bad annual subsidy to have. By the way Dana White is not the man with a billion bucks. In fact he is not the head of the UFC. Yes he is the acting president but Forbes reports that he only holds ten percent of the shares….that number is synomous with minority not majority which is the way he carries himself. False bravado. This issue is Multi layered much like an onion so I will try to move about the situation with delicacy. I hear all over the place that boxing is dead; MMA is taking over blah blah blah blah. In reality MMA is its own worst enemy. I liken them to china. China has a standing army of 200 million, vast wealth and space. They seem like the new America. With all that power respected economist say that internal problems such as population control and health will be their un doing, not any one war or bomb. I see the same happening with UFC. UFC does about 6 of the top ten PPV every year which is fantastic. However they pay there fighters such a minute percentage of the total take that the math suggested by all the figures in the equation could be compared to a sweat shop. The UFC does not care about their fighters; they don’t take fiscal responsibilities for mental injury such as concussions or pain killer addictions (which are rampant when you do Cock fights for a living), no 401 K, no percentage of the TV money. Forget boxing, forget trying to be us or outlast us, its not going to happen. When Jack Dempsey was attracting 120,00 people to his fights where was the UFC organization at that point in time? Oh that’s right it was not even a thought so lets dispense with all Boxing/UFC debate because there isn’t one. I believe that if this LLC UFC does not do more for the fistic civil rights of their stars then eventually they are going to be put out of business by a more liberal promoter or by a lawsuit. Either way the pay scale of nothing short of communist. The UFC peaked in 2006 in terms of buys and revenue but by the numbers has come back down to earth a little. Maybe buying 10 PPV’s a year is starting to wear on the consumer in light of this depression)not recession). The slide could be a number of things. I have a message for that minion (because in reality that’s what he is) Dana white…. Boxing may be struggling but I do remember VK/CA attracting more viewers for there title fight then the PPV did the weekend before. What makes that so impressive is that only 30 million people have access to HB0 while about 280 million people could have bought UFC whatever it was. Case closed. Get your weight up and halla at me in about 100 years with this stupid debate

What do you make of Bob Arum, and Roaches overall approach to the reemergence of FMJ?

It disappoints me to say the least. Since FMJ reaffirmed his status as a financial commodity, fistic artist, and a man with a chip on shoulder the reaction from top rank has been frantic. Every day I read something else about why they don’t need FMJ, why his contract demands are not worth there time, what options Manny has in 2010, and then today I read that the fight is unlikely in 2010?! I knew this was a possibility as I stated in the fistic top ten, however, this has nothing to do with money, or revenue split, or business acumen. This is fear, pure fear; fear of the beating, fear of buys that FMJ generated, and ovb a fear of a cash cow losing his ability to squeeze out tons of money at a time. I would be fearful too. SRL and his camp were so afraid of the motor city cobra that they simply tried to minimize the situation completely. They demeaned his belt, his record, his pedigree, everything. This is much the same thing that is going on here. They cannot take anything away from FMJ in the ring or in terms of his buy rate so they instead are going to focus on his documented character flaws and handsome demands for Revenue dowry. If you are unfamiliar with FMJ’s rights to the lion share of the loot simply refer to my last work located in my archive because I hate to be redundant given the limited time I have to communicate with you fans. Warning fans, everything you see and hear from the Manny camp concerning FMJ is fear and minimization tactics, stay true to common sense boxing fans and you will be just fine

Well fans it was my honor to come back to you once again and to those who questions I did not answer I promise that I will get to them next time. A while ago I saw that big fat Dan Of ESPN weekly prints a random thoughts piece. This discovery led to the death of my very own random thoughts. I will now attempt some random ramblings…been while (=

-Pauline Mal is a disgrace to boxing. He is a poor mans John Ruiz if you will except John actually lands power shots and is not a f&&king wuss. To make his unwatchable style even worse is his big mouth. He gets on the microphone before and after fights like he goes for broke, like he really goes out there to take it to someone, that’s the exact opposite of what he does and I can wait until the next time I see him fight

- Now I remember SSM being present for Paul Will/winky because Ronald is promoted by Golden Boy. Now why didn’t Shane BUM rush Paul? He did not have a fight at that time, yet, when he did have a fight then all of a sudden he wants to play self promoter…. very soft sequence of events displayed by Shane Mosley

- I am a little disappointed that HBO did not release an official statement on the Max/$ fiasco. When DLH fought sweet Pea in the 90’s Larry merchant made a very ill timed comment about mariachi music and the particular timing of it in that particular situation. When Oscar went nuts and demanded that Larry be fired HBO simply made Larry apologize on the air. I think it would go a long way towards smoothing over the situation with fans and critics if Max did the same

Hold up, so cotto is sending sparring partners home. Much smaller sparring partners with no Pop? And now all he is left with are two club fighters who are not in the same universe as Manny. Anyone laying money on Cotto is going to have to re examine this situation and I think it is very red flag that Cotto is firing dudes because they are whuppin his ass

When I first heard about the show 360 with out hesitation I made an inquiry about the show, its presentation the Premise etc. My friend told me that is was not any better then 24/7 per say But it was different so that made it cool. Boy was she right. 24/7 is the greatest show ever. EVER. What made 360 so cool though was how it depicted the Genesis of the event. By the time 24/7 picks up the contracts have been inked, the press tour is over, and the fighters are going through final prep for the contest. By contrast 360 shows the origin of the event, the arguing and negotiating and all the things that go into making the event. It does not show the fighters getting ready for the event, instead, it shows how the event came to be in the first place complete with dibella wise cracks and fat Gary Shaw

Let me get this straight. Chris John is 42-0, has been the WBA featherweight champion since 2003, and yet somehow, some way, the shameless, spineless jelly fish of an Organization the WBA found a way to elevate Gamboa to Full champion and then they give the title of “Super” champion to John. What is going on here? Is this a ploy for fees? is it a power move to force unification if that’s what you would call it? It has to be about the money because no sane boxing person can come up with a legit boxing reason for this bulls##t. I hate the WBA

As The Glove Turns:My Top Five

September 30, 2009

by Christian… Guess who’s back boxing fans. As we move about the time changes and fantastic football Sundays I am back to keep everyone on track mentally as it pertains to the most amazing sport on earth. About a year ago I made some bold predictions. I made some bold statements. I was refuted. Attacked,Lamblasted. BAMBOZZLED haha ok I am getting carried away but you must smell my drift. It has been so awesome to watch so many people eat crow. I am reveling in it. Boxing is on a tear right now and my dream of a return to the mainstream is taking shape. Don’t look now but it is looking like the early eighties.When small man ruled the ring and the box office. Forget Cusp. This is a new golden age of pugilism. An era with truly great fighters and    explosive yet  sometimes urine laced  storylines.  As always fans. Please bring knowledge. Educate me. I am all for it but the people who don’t know boxing and get there news from ESPN will stand out in a negative way.  And  here we………. GO

5.”Sugar” Shane mosley       WBA/Lineal Welterweight champion

I am sure that based on whats to follow that should say that I am a huge fan of shane mosley. This not just because I had the pleasure of interviewing him. Its more admiration for how he has preserved through what most would call an under appreciated campaign as a top level fighter. He is a true professional, A gentleman, Class act you get the point. However his behavior on September 19th was nothing but a fat deuce  on his glittering resume. Who the F$&k is Shane Mosley? What gives him the right to make another mans shining moment his own. What gives him the right to go on national TV and attempt to sell a fight when he it is well known that Berto and Dibella (Berto actually used his promoter as oppose to meeting with HBO behind Lou’s back) accepted Golden Boy and HBO’S counter offer? The Berto/Mosley fight is just a matter of the US postal service so I can not BELIEVE this dudes behavior on the PPV. Berto is someone that shane can sneeze at a little bit. But to THAT degree? HBO as every boxing fan knows [email protected]@ked up BIG time when handling SSM and B-hops respective pugilistic schedules. They promised shane Dec 5th and the reneged on that offer due to the staph infection that was eating away at Britney Pavlik’s hand. So then they wanted to give SSM the day after Christmas which is Taboo going back 20 years at HBO but due to the mounting  pressure of BHOP wanting a fight in first quarter (and getting it the other day) HBO was at a true impasse with shane. This impasse has put shane under the gun. Not only can he not secure a fight against any of the big box office attractions. But he is even having trouble getting a FIGHT on the network that cultivated his career. Mabye these factors contributed to his outlandish behavior in the ring . Mabye Shane should  smack his home boy Bhop in the back of the head. Why? Because in large measure Bhop is to blame for this. Bhop only fights once a year right? So if the Old poop had upped his offer to TA in July Then this Impasse would not exist . Say what you want about BHOP now having a fight. His behavior is causing problems all over boxing most notably in front of a million people the 19th. Shane has a tough little fight in Berto on the 30th. The WBC and their frugal scumbag of leader Jose Salimin will no doubt strip Berto of his WBC title robbing us all of a real welterweight unification.  I believe that Shane better get his behind to Big Bear and prepare for Berto. This is a potential water shed moment for the younger man. And the older man. Shane. Is not even focused on him. Could be a disaster….or it could be an infomercial for why SSM is a bad son of a bi55th. We will see but Shane….fight someone already!!

4. Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio          Ring/IBO Jr welterweight Champion

Manny sliding down my rankings despite being inactive since the last time out will be sure to draw some ire. Manny sliding is not something this writer came to lightly. It has more to do with the performances of some of the men on this list. Manny has the world at his feet right now. If Forbes were ranking the most powerful men in boxing. Not the wealthiest. But men with the most influence on us the fans and the networks and so on. Manny would have to be number one based on the fact that FMJ has already stepped out and in reality the fate of the boxing world rest on Manny’s fist. Manny has the chance to become something we have not seen before. In sports that’s  the most impressive feat an athlete can accomplish. To do something that no other man before you in 120 years has done. 7 titles is simply profound. Now yes there is some window dressing on that statement. He really has won 4 lineal titles and 3 alphabet titles. Either way though no one else has done it. And I don’t think anyone else will do it for awhile. FMJ has already won a title at 154 pounds and it is doubtful given his reach and height that he will take on 160 pounds SO FMJ wont be reaching that milestone and FMJ is the only person that comes to mind with the resume to hit that mark. Now for the misses. Manny. I love you dude. Like real man love. You are awesome for our sport. So if I happen to meet you remember that I am just stating facts. Manny as a lot will disagree is not even in the top three. FMJ brutal decimation of JMM put a lot of things in perspective. The first thing that is that it is Disney movie unrealistic to with a straight face say Manny is the top fighter in boxing. It is also safe to say that manny is headed for an L. That could be on the 14th. Or in the second Quarter of 2010 god willing. Manny does not have JMM toughness. He does not have that mental 5th gear that allows a fighter to with stand punishment. He has given up twice and been stopped once. It is hard to believe with how soft Manny is to the body that he could last 6 rounds with a FMJ or a Paul Will (should he move to welterweight which is a sure fire possibility if the money is right). I am so sick and tired of people getting ripped for who they fight. Can anyone out there call Manny’s last three fights truly DANGEROUS in retrospect? No way dude. If you are sitting there disagreeing with me then you have a personal bias and have disqualified yourself from this discussion. Manny has beyond a litmus test in Cotto. I can’t stop thinking of the Judah/Cotto fight. A speedy left handed fireball with some pop who gave Cotto early trouble but finally wilted in the face of straight body torture. One could argue that since Manny is moving so far up that Judah(who has pop because of his speed) has power  that is comparable. I wonder how manny will react to that left hook to the body. However there are something’s working in favor of the HBO best fighter in the world

1.     The catch weight

No matter what Cotto says he is going to drain himself more then usual for this fight while Manny is going to simply eat a little more and run a little less. The strain, the burden of hard work, is on Cotto

2.     Glass Joe

Cotto has a grand  reputation for having a weak chin. If you hit him on the button it is almost a forgone conclusion that he will do the chicken dance. Torres, Corley, these names are so pedestrian yet they had Cotto doing the moonwalk after punches  that came from strange angles, now take next level speed and maintain the concept of punches from funny angles you have Manny

3.         South paws r us

Manny seems to surprise his men with speed and fluidity. But I think what makes him so hard to fight is the tricky and slicky angles his punches ride in on. The men just can’t see or get out of the way of his punches. He also has begun using that right hook with reckless abandon so Cotto at least for a little while is going to have huge problems. The question is can he adjust?

Manny should win. I believe his power will shock Cotto who is a smurf mentally. I am hoping as anyone with sense that Manny blows Cotto away and  puts some pressure on Robert Arum  to at least  give Al Haymon a phone call and break the very explosive ice. Here is Hoping

3.Vitali Klitschko           WBC Heavyweight Champion

I have been super reluctant to rank the Big man because of his inactivity and the fact that ranking him and his brother on the same list seems redundant and I simply refuse to do it. When ranking the brothers the sensible thing to do is to rank the better brother. Just because Boring Wald is not in these particular projections any boxing fan with a TV knows that while bland he remains a formidable world class  professional prize fighter. V. does not have as much pure boxing talent as brother. He does not have his youth, or looks, or hair, none of the attributes that beget glamour. Even with  all of that V is the BETTER fighter. He handles adversity with an almost arrogant aggression. He takes a punch and often returns fire unless he truly gets caught( Corrie sanders). He fights so tall. He does not hunch in the least and uses every inch or centimeter of his seemingly infinite reach. He has the full offensive kitchen throwing so many kinds of punches and throwing them with brute force and dastardly accuracy. He is a built fighter. I would argue that physically he is the most intimidating man in the sport. Like Andre the Giant, I will smack everybody, Debo type of dude. He tried to fight Sasha  B. Cohen because of things depicted in Borat at a restraunt in La. I have heard it was a chaotic scene as body Guards and staff panicked in the face of this monsterous man who also is a skilled prize fighter.Really skilled. Both hands flow depending on the needed angle. He dances around the ring shockingly elegant given his physical disposition. He laid waste to a very tough and determined man and there was never a moment in the fight, never a part of the ring, in which he was not comfortable and at ease. Super duper performance. One thing  sets this man apart. There is no one in the world that can beat him. No one. Think about that. No boxer in the world could beat him because he is the biggest by far(valuev does not count in that particular comment because he is not a threat to anyone period), and very skilled, and very smart, and at the top of game. Wow what a f%%kin Monster. The question is what now. I believe he should retire. You know I wonder about his finances. I know he makes big money but 4 fights inside of a year at 38 years old? Three of those fights as a title holder. He is so very active when he has every right to chill. I bet in retirement he feel behind the monetary curve(by his families standards certainly not by ours (= ) a little bit. Since he is Ovb fighting for money I just hope that someone comes along that can challenge him because right now there is no answer this man.

2. Paul Williams   WBO 154 pound interim Champion

It draws enough ire when I de rank an in active combatant once. But to do it twice is unheard of in my feeble typing career. However in light of the boxing earth quake that shook the boxing worlds last week we as sensible and knowledgeable boxing fans must adjust. Did you hear that Jermain Taylor?adjust!!! In adjusting I had to move Pretty Paul to Number 2 and I hope that is not misconstrued as some type of indictment on the southerner. He is so good. So nasty. So dominant. That Kelly is doing everything to delay the fight short of deporting himself from the country. I am happy however with Paul’s(and his teams) decision to wait out the Pavlik situation. It’s the no brainer. The slam dunk what have you. Very exciting fight. I think that Pavlik could really hurt Paul Willams. But the smart money, the big money, will point to Pavliks basic technical disposition compared to Paul’s Skill and swamping style of fighting. Paul could blow Pavlik away because Kelly does not have world class defense. He does not move his head, he does not move his feet, He does not improvise. He is not a robot but he is close to it. Pavlik, not being a man of letters when it comes to boxing skill set will run into massive trouble in the early rounds. Paul if he fights his fight stands little danger of NOT winning the middle weight title. And lets put on our be-real pants for a second. Kelly’s reign has not come close to what was expected. You pay 200 million to produce water world then it tanks at the box office. We invested so much into the potential this guy had to sweep the sport, and he fell flat. Paul could take a title, that is a glamour title, and inject some energy into that dead [email protected]@ divison. 160 pounds is a boxng grave yard,witness protection, an undisclosed location. It needs life, youth,talent, Paul is that and if everything stays true to form then the division will get just that. Kelly has a rematch clause if I am not mistaken so we will see the same fight twice and that’s ok. Its good for boxing. What will be better for boxing is a versatile, hot as fire champion that wants the big names and the big fights. Not the mandatory, feel good about your self again peach cans. Good luck to both men cant wait

1. FMJ          Pound for pound the best fighter in the world

I told you so. I was attacked with out interruption on all my rankings for ranking fmj NUMBER 1. For pointing out that while he was not fighting on HBO he was still in the gym honing his craft. I was killed for telling everyone that there is no one with his skill set, defense, grace, and accuracy in the sport. I also said that Manny would not stand a chance if they were to fight. I also caught heat from fans that pointed to his lack of drawing power despite his extraordinary gifts. I heard for a year that it was Manny not FMJ who is the best fighter in the world. I sat back and watched.  I watched the media go into a little bit of a frenzy in the lead up to the fight. I don’t mean the boxing scribes either. I mean CNN,  telemundo, ESPN. The mainstream. The source we have to tap. It was happening. I watched the amazing physical demonstration of pure once in a lifetime boxing talent. My dad has been watching this sport since the 50’s and he told me that we were watching an all time great. A guy that comes along once a generation. Sometimes my dad says guys like this SKIP a generation. I ranked him in my all time top ten much to the dismay of many of you. Let me ask you a question. Who at 140 in the history of boxing would you bet a million dollars to beat Floyd? No one, no way, not unless you’re a billionare and can.  afford to be stupid with your money. Radar like senses, I mean defensive telepathy. He is simply on the same wave length as the man in front of him non stop. I never get tired of watching it. The sharpness of his punches are like nothing in the sport. It is the cleanest right hand that I have ever seen. And yes FMJ does have a better right hand lead the RJJ. No doubt about it dude. According to my degenerent gambler buddy FMJ would open up as a 4 to 1 favorite in vegas over MP if the fight was inked tom. He has that information from someone who is deep in Vegas. DEEP. Those odds should give you an idea for how the people who really know the deal are viewing this recent  progression.  After a comprehensive display of his skill set the ovb question is whats next. Its not a question. For the first time in a long time FMJ’s next fight is something that will appeal to everyone while appeasing all the critics and negative thinking people out there. It’s a no brainer. Let is tap the micro. Bob Arum absolutely sh##t himself when the news was announced that Mayweather/Marquez  had surpassed a million buys. He had preached for months that “FMJ can not sell, Manny is the attraction, he will have to take at least a 60/40” Well Robert what thinks you now bro? For top rank this unexpected development is a disaster. Manny is now on the wrong side of the table. He will be facing a fighter who is undefeated, a proven mega star, and a fighter that has sold just under 4 million buys in his last three fights. Someone tell what position is Manny to ask for anything more then 45 percent? Manny has NEVER with out Oscar cracked  million buys.. Before Oscar he didn’t even crack 500,000. You have got to be kidding me dude. Manny with the very same fighter JMM did not even bring in 75 percent of Sat’s viewership in a combined TWO fights. Its not even close. So F##k that. Don’t bullsh8t yourselves fans. No doubt about it dude. FMJ is the king. IN the ring, on the screen, and definitely at the settlement table.  Stay tuned

Max Kellerman

I will first say that Max a million at some point, maybe when HBO anointed him the “future” that somehow a pulpit materialized around his feet and in appearing around his feet gave him the right, the credentials, and the longevity to hop into a ring with hall of famers and run his yap when fans are actually tuning in after the fight  to do the exact opposite. I noticed over the last year he was getting more and more egotistical with his pre-fight demeanor, post fight comments, and outlandish notions over the course of a particular contest. I believe Russ Greenburg f$$ked up  when he did not assign Larry merchant to the fight. I know Larry is old but he is a trooper. I mean how long is the flight from Vegas to LAX. Not a strech by any means. Its like a 3 day turnaround to the next fight  AND I have read Larry has a home in the area(LA) so why risk giving an enormous stage(by the numbers (= ) to a man that is  clearly personally invested in the situation. I am going to just go with what I saw. Max would ask FMJ a question. A very subdued FMJ would try and answer as humble as he knows how and before he could even complete his thought he would be interrupted. Instead of going through the fight with FMJ, asking about marquez, asking about the adjustments, the gameplan( FMJ claims he does not go in with a game plan that is def bullsh##t) None of that. He acted like he was on his couch at home and happened to have a victorious FMJ on the love seat. It was all about what Max wanted to know and what Max wanted to see. Then he bellows SSM’s name as loud as he possibly can. SSM who was doing everything but piggy backing max Jumps in. Max then made the interview about the fight he thinks should be taking place. He completely by passed us the fans and instead pursed his own agenda. When SSM realized that he was losing street credit he went off camera. Right then MAX could have taken control and given FMJ his moment and what not. Max did not care about that. He did not care about all the people that made the event possible that FMJ attempted to thank, he did not care about the biggest fight in the sport which finally came within seeing distance in wake of the fight, he did not care about HBO, the platform he represents, the amazing programming that stands behind that name. He did not care about any of those things. He wanted FMJ to know that he was in control of the MiC. Was that interview any better then Rose/grey? No it was not. Then when Jim tried to change the subject 5 min later ( Who knows what was going on in that ear piece) Max REVISITED the gosh darn interview. Jim clearly and smartly asked max to expand on what this fight means for boxing, Manny and what that fight will mean, no Instead with breaking us off with an informational monologue Max Instead chose to continue his personal mourning talk show. I cannot believe that HBO would give such  an important position to an unprofessional want to be shock Jock that did Boxing a huge disservice by injecting his personal politics into a moment that belonged to FMJ and us the fans, what a jerk

Boxing fans I tried to keep it shorter this time. It was fun while it lasted. You guys were great. I hope my piece sparks some nice debate and I will have you guys know that I am going to add a comment that will feature the names of all the people that hopped on my message board in the last year and made comments that were in direct contravention with reality. If you take it personally that’s your choice but I need to illustrate how many people need a boxing knowledge tune up, best (=

The Fistic Top Ten: Can You Handle The Truth?

August 10, 2009

by Christian… As we enter the dog days of summer boxing fans I ask you to come with me on a journey of boxing truth and justice.

It has been a somber pugilistic summer solace and I think that some good boxing banter and as always comical fresh boxing stupidity will give us the chance to block out what is currently hurting us all.

I have been quite reticent in recent months watching and hearing and reading the sport we all know and love. I have many beefs. Many things to say. Some of you will like it and of course some of you will not.

In arguing with the dumb f$$k’s of the world like captain fat or going back and forth with stoker the feuds, debates, and overall astute nature of my chats is something that I relish as a writer and I will continue to spit the truth.

As of late I have noticed that people who have no clue how boxing works have been getting bolder and bolder with each piece I write. It’s a laughable yet tragic trend that I will snuff out with logic and fact. Two powerful allies in the arena of boxing debate.

Feel free to weigh in where and if you can. I ask that those who don’t actually write or have any creative atoms in their respective beings to shut the f%$k up and learn from the best. I have prepared a three course meal of which you all can gorge on to your infinite delight. All systems go…

Boxing’s current Top Ten (take with water call me in the mourning)

10. King Arthur Abraham        30-0  Former IBF Middleweight champion

I have been involved in many arguments concerning this man as of late. The argument centers around if he passed Pavlik without actually FIGHTING pavlik. In a flash Arthur exited the 160 pound division to greener tourney laced Showtime pastures.

Kelly meanwhile is left with seemingly no one to fight. I think in some parts this is due to the fact that the Kings stock just keeps going up. It has not really stopped his whole career. He is the rare heavy handed puncher who couples his heavy digits with elegant speed.

He also appears to have a good beard although I am waiting to see how he deals with 168 pound body punching. His highness has a dash of top level boxing intuition to go along with that power. Tell me this fans.

What REALLY stopped Top rank from making the King/Kelly fight? I have the answer no worries. Risk. Bob arum is no dull knife. He saw an undefeated monster and he knew his emotionally shot fighter would not stand a chance.

It is this MAN who until a couple weeks ago was the real middleweight world champion. Screw ding. Screw HBO. This man was the man at 160 and that is why it was he not the ghost who was mailed a multi million dollar deal to fight in a very intriguing boxing promotion even though it is a Showtime presentation.

If the loquacious yet limited Carl Froch can beat down Jeannine Taylor then anyone with smart money would have to bet that Arthur knocks Taylor out with out problem or consequence.

I don’t see Arthur really getting tested for the first phase of this “classic” tourney so the deeper more penetrating questions about the King will have to be answered another day. Welcome to my rankings King. Anything you need while you are here let me know.

9.Chad Dawson       28-0     Light Heavyweight titlist

This is a tough call boxing fans. I as I type am wondering if this is a warranted selection. Why do I pontificate fans? Well this mans stock is not convincing me to buy multiple shares. He had a dreadful performance against Tarver and it exposed WHY he is not a bankable star.

He simply does not draw. I would suppose that it does not help that his consumer unfriendly handlers keep staging his fights five trillion miles from where his fan base resides. I went to college in CT and I can tell you there are three prime venues in which Dawson’s following plus interested mainstream CT’ers would come and pay money to get in.

You have the Hartford Civic Center which is gigantic. You have two amazing casinos. No Instead Russ Greenburg in all his glory stages the God da## fight at a desolate (for Vegas standards) boring venue that drew no fans whatsoever.

It looked the beginning of fight night round 3 where you fight in half filled ball rooms when you are still 10 fights away from the title. It was horrible. Not to mention the telecast was coupled with the fantastic Hatton/Pac tilt which incidentally amplified how badly Management and HBO Fu#ked up.

It is true that Chad’s lack of drawing power is hurting his rise. But maybe it also has something to do with the way his career is being sculpted from a consumer point of view. Back to the Macro.

Chad will get through this fight with the affable Glenn Johnson(who I love) I believe that he needs to chase a fight with Bernard Hopkins, or perhaps a cruiserweight title rematch with the rising TA. He needs a marquee attraction worse the Barack needs a black and mild.

He is undefeated, the best in his division, and a good guy yet he is bringing in tap dance recital gates. He needs to keep winning but no more trips to the land of b level fighters. For the next 2 years it has to be top level opponents and that’s it

8. Wladimir  Klitschko     53-3    Unified/Ding Heavyweight champion

Wald. I have placed you even in about the same place I placed you last time my reason is about the same reason it was last time. I have to give you some credit before I undress you yet again.

The credit is the way you handled the David Haye situation. You were very graceful in your response to his “injury” and you were swift in choosing another opponent. You had the option of delaying the fight until mid July but in the midst of that decision you were informed of how that would affect the fans that had already paid.

You then chose to give the FANS a fight around the same date that you had stipulated months earlier. I have also noticed that you are now leaning towards fighting the surprising Eddie chambers because you believe that would be better for boxing and the American public. Here is my typed dap Wald. That’s a pretty darn cool sting of events on your part.

On the other hand you continue to be a horrible heavyweight champion. I think it’s insane that it’s gotten to the point where the only people who will televise your fights are ESPN classic. Come on Wald even I cracked regular ESPN when I was competing.

Wald’s style consist of getting a lead and then going into the four corners offense while the clock winds down (for those of you who don’t know what the four corners offense is don’t worry some things I type will be over your head) I can not stand the way he fights and Network head honchos would rather pay for the world hotdog eating contest then watch the Heavy weight champ defend his title.

I can not call DR Wald a disgrace, not only because that would make this a paradoxical sentence but more so because he does good things for the kids of the world and his fellow countrymen. He has a sense of history and a fabulous wardrobe.

He just is not cut out to be a boxing attraction. I am not slamming him fans I am describing him. He has a very difficult style to cope with but you name me a fighter who has tested that chin or heart in his last eight or nine fights.

In this day and age of boxing if a top level fighter wins two or three fights without being touched it is usually that 3rd or 4th fight in which they take risk. Fighters like Pacman or JMM take a risk every fight. They are champions. Warriors. Knights.

Wald is a weenie. He has beaten down at least 8 men in a row with ease and he REFUSES to step up his comp. don’t give me the he has “no one to fight” excuse. F^^k that.

He needs to display a lust for combat or quit. He is hurting the sport on a mass scale right now due to the infallible importance of the current heavyweight champion to the masses going back to the Model-T. Will a new heavyweight attraction please stand up?

7.Juan Manuel Lopez               26-0   WBO Super Bantamweight champion

I have been singing this kids praise for a year and running. I told the world that this kid had the skill set and the timing to become a huge star. By timing I mean that with the inevitable fall of Miguel Cotton that a new star from boxing’s best island was needed.

He has filled the void but in an unexpected turn of events Bob Arum is upsetting the potential this kid has as a mainstream star. WHY? Well I will take this chance to say I love Bob Arum. I have met him, interviewed him, shook his hand all that. But he has been undercutting boxing as a whole recently and the following events point to why

Making the Cotto/Pac fight as fast as he could even before contracts were inked when it was clear that Sugar/Pac was the better match up AND since Sugar is the lineal champ at 147 and Hatton was at 140  why not go after Shane,

Why go after Cotto who won his title by defeating Jennings? Why not go after the man who beat the man who beat your selected opponent and the man at the weight you’re trying to conquer?

Continuing to throw the undefeated joke of a club fighter JCC’jr on Latin Fury PPV cards as oppose to putting him on boxing after dark and seeing him really get tested

Attempting to match Pavlik with Mora or Forrest (RIP) before HBO asked him what he was smoking

All Arum cares about is money. In order to ensure that is makes money he is now either keeping fights in house or matching his most marketable names against plumbers and afterschool teachers. He does this to ensure that all cash cows keep squeezing out that green.

The problem is he shortchanges US the fans. Now try understanding the problem for Juana. CC who I will get to later (however if you want to get to him now scroll down the page) came out and addressed the 500 pound elephant in the room.

“Why does this guy continue to fight these nobodies, he is disgracing his fans and lying to them at the same time” I wont go THAT far but at its root the quote is on target. Bob Arum is padding this kid’s record begging the WBO for mandatories.

Most fighters take a break from fighting stipulated opponents and take a money fight. Esp hot champs like Juanma. No instead of that Arum is content to protect his asset and ignore us all. That is fine he is playing with an awesome force of nature’s career

6. Sugar Shane Mosley  WBA/lineal Welterweight champion

If I am Sugar I am not smiling right now. I murdered the tornado, cemented my status as the best welterweight out here. And I can’t get anyone to fight me. No one of relevance. I was publicly ducked by the “best” fighter in the world.

I mean sugar gave Pacman everything he wanted. Bigger ring, punchers gloves, 140 pound limit, 60/40 split. I mean look at all those concessions. Sugar has a much longer history of success in this game yet he BOWED down and kissed Pac’s feet to get the fight.

Pac because of his prispercasity chose to fight the dwindling Cotton because of the cheap skate Bob arum AND of course because fighting Shane is too much of a risk right now. Shane has all the tools to beat  Pacman, Speed, power, grace, stamina, and determined aggressive talent.

I am not sure how his understanding of the Philly shell has evolved or even diminished. But I know this. I interviewed his trainer NR at a fight last year and the first thing I took from his personality was the focus.

The army like approach to the brutal reckoning at hand. This man will have Shane READY for anyone and that includes Pretty Boy. I am eager to see Shane fight believe me but I am not eager to see him fight Kermit Citron or Andre Berto. That is a step back.

Peace to that bulls$$t. He is in line for a marquee name and fighting on a B level HBO card is not what he nor I had in mind. But the clock ticks. He has not fought since January and it looks like if he does fight this year it will be towards Christmas. But THAT promotion is in flux because of the low ball offer that they gave dibella and berto.

With berto taking a good look at turkey you have to wonder where that leaves Shane. JC? No way is Shane trying to make money not lose it. Paul Williams? No we have to assume that Al Haymon and Bob Arum will put their personal petty vendetta aside and make the darn PAV/PW fight already. Where does that leave him?

I would say the winner of Numero Uno would be his best bet. I wish him the best until the next time I type but to be honest that wont make a difference because he will not have FOUGHT by the next time I write

5. Juan Manuel Marquez                50-4-1 Unified/Ding Lightweight world champion

Dinmita! I will admit that I like this cerebral gladiator. I watched his fight with Juan Diaz prior to typing this entry and wow what a warrior. He has timeless resolve. I really know his story. I don’t know what drives him. I don’t know where he gets his grace.

But there is something special about Juan if you have not noticed already. He has a boxing wheel house that can shift in its form and most time the shift happens before the opponent can adjust. He has blinding speed on his counter punches.

Much quicker then his appearance would suggest. He focuses on the angles and sets up his shots. He is the only man as of now that I have seen make PAC wince in the middle of a fight. His Physical mastery of the sport is only matched by his mental toughness to remain true to his fundamentals in the face of extreme drama and pain.

He could have given up in February. He had every reason to reconsider his livelihood right there in Houston. He is everything you want in boxing. He is a hall of famer, champion, icon. But no. That was not enough.

He needs Mas. I believe that he is somewhat susceptible to speed and power. That is not a good trait to have when entering the lair of one FMJ. I think it would have been a good idea to take another fight before this one. I think that this is a very bad match up for JMM.

FMJ is a bad match up for everyone but esp for JMM. In light of this I believe that JMM’s chip on his shoulder has gotten even larger and more menacing. He knows that dumb writers like me are out their doubting him, making fun of him, seeing his demise.

I think he is pissed off. I think he is confident. I think if FMJ were to ever lose a fight it would take someone with the mental constitution of JMM. We shall see Homeboys but this is shaping up to be intriguing to say the least. Can’t wait (=

4. Edwin Valero    25-0 WBC lightweight world champion

Godzilla has been quite quiet and humble in recent months. He realized that realizing reality is always a good thing when money is at stake. Bob Arum is going to put him on the undercard Nov 14 which will give him a nice little public service announcement as he makes his awesome power known to the world.

It seems like he is going to be ok to fight in light of his documented health problems which is amazing news for boxing fans. This man matches up right now with the stars of the game. His knockout ratio is more about his mindset then his physical power or extension on his punches.

He has a Jack Dempsey type aggressiveness that makes him very hard to deal with in the early rounds. When PAC attacks you he does so still not wanting to get hit. When the terminator programs you into his tracking system he is willing to take punches to land punches. He really reminds me of Hands of stone.

Not in terms of merit of course, but more in terms of ring personality and pressure applied. I believe that there are only about 5 fighters in the world around that weight that could go the full 12 rounds with the light weight world champion.

I believe that he will win this bs fight that the frugal Arum has lined up for him and I also believe that he will take a big fight because as luck would have it he is only  CO promoted by Cheap Mgee so he has veto rights from what I hear.

We will see. But I am excited for his entry into the pugilistic fold and I wait for his fistic assault on these fighters out here. Humberto Soto seems to be the person he will see in his first big money tilt. But how good is THAT guy? He has seven losses?!

What about a TB? Or even an Andre berto? This guy is a star in waiting and he needs viable names. Soto is promoted by whom?

3. Manny “Pacman”        49-3 Lineal/Ding Junior welterweight champ

The Number one HBO fighter in the world keeps the hits coming. Now he has set his sights on the dilapidated Cotto. Manny is doing it right now. He is going for the big fights but he is doing it with a certain attitude that is starting to raise questions.

His last three fights have been fought against guys that for different reasons were sitting ducks. I don’t need to go down the list but Manny seems to be interested in taking the fights that for one reason or another he SHOULD win.

Manny would not have fought Cotto 3 years ago before Cotto was having problems mentally. When Pac made the trek to MSG to observe Cotto in June he saw a fighter who was on Roller skates for the second half of the fight. He did not see a robot Pujols of a fighter that won’t stop until you are on the ground.

He did not see a pound for pound fighter. He saw a damaged goods fighter that was ripe for exposure. He SHOULD be fighting SSM. That is by far the more competive fight. Right now those monks in Vegas are putting ALL the money On Pac.

Taking a step back on paper that makes no sense. Cotto is younger, bigger, stronger, comfortable at that weight, experienced at that weight, yet men who know sports are putting all their money on PAC. This development is a reflection of the deterioration of Cotto not the rise of Pac.

Pac is going to win this fight going away. Since that is a forgone conclusion lets focus on 2010. I think that Valero, Money, Shane, Tim Bradley, are the pool of fighters he should select from.

Edwin Valero has Hagler/Hearns written all over it. PAC/Money is the transcendent fight of this decade. MP/SSM is an awesome tactical match up on paper, and I would have to say that Tim Bradley would present a legit unification although it’s a low possibility because the kid will not bring a lot of gate money or any money really to the table.

Manny has his options that’s for sure. I guess we can all sit back and savor the prime if his career. But anyone who thinks Manny is the best fighter in the world needs to chill with the mushrooms

2. FMJ   39-0

I have spoke to some people in boxing and they tell me FMJ is the best he has even looked. He is as clever, menacing, intuitive, and driven as he as ever been in his entire career.

FMJ is sitting on the cusp of Sugar ray L cereal box status. After he disposes of JMM you have to assume that he will go after Manny. If he does not the public will beat the drum and they will fight anyway. I think there are some things to consider in this situation.

First of all there is a good chance the fight will NOT happen. If you couple Floyd’s arrogance, the Haymon/ARUM feud, and of course the child like demeanor of Manny Between fights then you have a perfect storm for the fight not getting made.

The truth is Arum used to Promote FMJ and he is going to use his position at the table to stick it to AL and Pretty boy. It is a sad thing to foresee but it is inevitable. They already are going back and forth through the media on this very subject.

To me this is the biggest fight that can be made in boxing going back 15 to 20 years. If I really think about it you would have to go back to the golden era of the little men, the 80’s to find such an amazing match up with box office appeal.

The fighters want it. We want it. Make it happen. Don’t you wish boxing fans that fights were that easy? They are not so we should collectively prepare for the possibility that the fight will not happen. Since that is a possibility lets at least explore it.

Floyd could make some great fights. Shane Mosley is a tough tough fight. I would take Floyd but I would do it with a dash of trepidation. I think Paul Williams stands as FMJ’s true mountain. That is clubber lang.

That is the test. FMJ does more talking these days then before. I have heard it all.

-“I am greater then Ali”

- I am the most popular athlete in the world”

-“I am bigger then Oscar”

- “I will fight SM, MP, whoever”

Well he won’t mention Paul Williams. He will mention everything but the name of Jesus. But he won’t mention Paul Williams. You are an all time nasty fighter Money but the truth you there is more work to be done. Hurry up already so I can say I watched one of the greatest fighters ever cement his boxing throne

Fans for your entertainment….the best fighter in the world

1) Paul Williams       37-1  WBO interim Junior  Middleweight champion

Paul W. is as filthy as filthy gets. His punch count according to my count counts as one of the most remarkable for someone of that size at that weight. Paul Williams is a true vergence in the force. He simply does not make any sense.

The speed and fluidity of his punches, his 6 foot 1 frame couple with those fire hose type arms. I would suppose that since he is so young that his craft will only improve. He seems to have a hint of immaturity but I noticed on the awesome HBO series ring life that yes he is young and immature but that is tempered by his humble nature and wonderful family.

He has the talent to rule this game for awhile. He has really destroyed the myth that a tall man can not be busy and accurate.  I think the situation that Paul is currently in is not the product of his growing ego or the fact that HBO has gone cheap. REAL cheap.

Think about it. They paid an 8 million dollar license fee for Oscar/Forbes about 2 years ago. Yet they have an unreal promotion on their door step and they are only throwing 3 million!!!?Whats the f$$king deal. A PAV/PW tilt would be national news.

It could be on paper the best fight of the year. It would sell Board hall the f$$k out. It would get many PPV buys. It has all the makings. An undisputed American middleweight champ Yes I know what are you are thinking.

It does help that he is white and from a blue collar town on the rust belt. PW is am emerging boxing Giant who needs a marquee water shed moment to get the writers, broadcasters, fans and TV execs to see what has been in front of our face for a year.

Paul is by a mile the biggest physical problem in the sport. They recently asked Boring Wald if he would go two rounds with Paul. “No way! I would not be able to catch him in only 2 rounds and I KNOW he would catch me” haha that says it all.

Even the 6″ 6′ Ivan Drago Heavyweight champ has reservations about engaging PW. I suspect that at heart arum does not want this fight. That’s why he is giving PW such a BS offer. They are going to give him 2 million but no gate??

You have got to be kidding me. That place and the promotion are going to sell. Top rank is on the black rock if they think that it is fair to offer PW and Al haymon a flat smaller percentage fee for their services.

It is Paul’s talent and rising star that makes this promotion what it would be. Pavlik is a good humble all  American attraction. But he needs Apollo creed to elevate him. Believe me…PW is Apollo creed. He does not look like Carl Weathers but he def fights like that guys acts. What an amazing fighter. Enjoy him while we have him boxing fans

My belated  Mid year awards

Fight of the year                     Toyota Center

JMM vs. Juan Diaz                 Houston Texas, Febuary 28th

What a fight! Ebb and flow, drama, intrigue, romance (haha just kidding just seeing if you are awake) the fight began with Juan Diaz going right to the proud veteran’s chest and testing him off jump street. I mean it was a tough three rounds for JMM in the beginning.

I watched him get pushed from pillar to post by a younger seemingly meaner man. As often does Juan Diaz ran out of gas and focus. The cut did not help either. But once JMM smelled a lapse in intensity and assertiveness he jumped RIGHT on JD.

This fight was not a lock and was def in doubt for dinimita for long periods during the bout and the drama really ramped up due to both fighters getting cut at around the same times a round apart if and I do stress If my memory serves me correct. Instant classic still saved on the dvr.

Round of the year

Round 1 Pac/Hatton       May 2nd 2009        MGM Grand

This round took my breath away. I was so pumped up reeking of anticipation. I mean between 24/7 and the rare mainstream buildup I was about as pumped up as I could be for a fight. The first round was a blur. It was material evidence on why Manny is the most exciting fighter in the world. He did not jump right on Hatton. He let Hatton hang himself and then went in for the kill. The action and the pace of the round was so furious that I barley had time to text my boys which I usually do and they do back as we analyze the fights from different locations. No this fight we all had our mouths open watching the Hitman get outclassed on the world’s stage. It was very much like JMM/PAC one, except that JMM can adjust and had a better chin. One Pac Hit the hitman with a clean direct hit the fight changed and in retrospect was over. Over and done with. I loved it. I was disappointed because I wanted a more drawn out conclusion but the first 3 min were so electrifying that I was worth it

Fighter of the year(so far)

Celestino Caballero           Unified super Bantamweight world champion

This very   intriguing fighter unified titles within his division which is so rare these days. He then defended these titles and finds himself in line for a big money fight. He is just half a year removed from zero relevance or drawing power. But with so many name fighters within his distance and the very fact that he risen so fast, that, for the Juan Manuel’s of the world or the Vazquez’s or the Marquez’s the question is starting to get asked. Well why don’t you fight Caballero? Caballero 6 months ago had no where NEAR this status. He was just another prospect that had a chance to make an impact early in his career. He did. He is tall talented and mean. He also is not quiet. As mentioned earlier in the article he has begun called out JML. That’s a great fight. If Bob Arum were not so selfish we would have a great fight on our hands and that fight would give Caballero a real chance to be fighter of the whole year not the 6 month intermission fighter of the year . I will be watching as we move forward but man what a year for this young bull from Cuba

Story of the year

Margacheato.     January 24th 2009

LA, Staples center

I have written far to much on this. If you don’t know the full story get the internet or turn on a TV. Instead of chronicling the story yet again I will simply pass judgment. The very fact that Shane Mosley is ok is the biggest thing here but let me point out some little things

- No one not golden boy, the CASC, or Shane Mosley himself brought civil action against tony and the LA DA has not uttered a peep and dodged all questions about issuing criminal charges, Resto and Panama Lewis Went to JAIL.

- His awful trainer came out and in the hearing admitted to all wrong doing. Now in the recent “Assault in the ring” picture you kinda get a sense for how a fighter should feel about a trainer/handler that tampers with the fight or the their respective gloves. So if captellio screwed him… if he has no idea there  was plaster in his gloves then why is he still hanging out with him? Being seen with him?

-BOB Arum still promotes him???!!!!!What the f%%k is that all about? Then cotto inks an extension after everything that happened and was said. Cotto is a sell out

-Bob arum can be heard during the introduction of “Assualt in the ring” saying ” there is no excuse for what they(Luis Resto and Panama lewis) did….they should have been banned for life”  ????????? Bob Arum  is saying one thing and doing another , that is not a 360, that is not a change of opinon, what arum said on that feature and then the way he handled an eerily similar situation is bulls%%t

Just some little things (=

Just shut up award

Lennox Lewis   Commentator HBO after Dark

I can not be the only one who notices just how bad Lennox Lewis is at providing insight, carrying the broadcast, having proper diction and tone. You name it he sucks. Is HBO that materialistic that they would sell out there Journalistic integrity Just so the equally bad Bob P can say “and now we bring in former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis..” It’s as if they sacrifice our viewing experience as consumers just so they can get that blurb in. HBO has him there out of image and maybe pity. It’s sad. Bring back old George. Get Brian Kenny. Keep Max. All set

Hahaha boxing fans. I have sent this to some of my fellow writers and they ask have submitted very detailed arguments which are making me laugh as we speak. A fair warning…don’t speak with out thinking because if you have not noticed already you are dealing with a thinker. I wish you the best boxing fans and if you intend to engage tread carefully


I recently got in an arguement with big fat dan of ESPN in his chat, here is an exerpt

Christian (Nothern VA)

I think it is sell out city that you continue to rank B-hop #1….I know you have to see him due to his ESPN duties coupled with your own but why dont you grow a pair, stop being afraid, and tell B-hop that getting ranked at all let alone #1 is only possible if you actually fight

Dan Rafael

(12:55 PM)

You’re an idiot. I rank BHop 1 at 175 because he deserves it now that Calzaghe has retired. I couldn’t care less if we both appear on Friday Night Fights whatsoever.

Who do you agree with? (=

For those that may challange this chat took place on Thusday August 6th

Just wanted to clear this up

I have dropped B-Hop from my list because the old man simply does not fight

Shane Mosley is actually 4 but I guess in my creative delirium I accidentally did his entry first. No matter

Top Five Fights of All Time

March 19, 2009

by Christian… Hi fans. In light of the lighting rod Debate that took place on concerning the top ten boxers of all time I have decided to evolve the debate.

The ironic thing is I was planning on making this a two-part piece on who the top fighters were and finally what fights were the all time best. A lot goes into an all time contest. It has to have ebb and flow, an intriguing  storyline, and of course crowd pleasing action. It also helps if it is a title tilt.

A common misconception is the length a fight needs to be to make such a list, The truth is the length is not a pertinent issue. A fight on this list only went three rounds but took the breath out of the sports world not just the boxing world.

Fights that have social impact outside of sports are always keepers because the drama of the fight is enhanced and the fighters themselves become causes a tradition that is sometimes incidental but always a joyful sight for promoters.

As some of you know I have spoken to some of the oldest most respected people in the game in relation to this topic. I also recently did an epic fight film session that gave me the chance to watch boxing across many generations and presidents.

From conversations I have had with my dad to films I have watched I have compiled the second half of my all time look at the best sport there is. Ladies and gents I present the top five fights of all time.

The debate last week was great and while it is unrealistic to inspire that type of reaction twice I am eager to hear what my fellow writers think about this topic. I learned that many of you have informed views and I encourage you to share it with all of us, Lets go…..

5. Evander Holyfield  Vs Riddick  “Big Daddy” Bowe

Undisputed heavyweight title          (200 +)

November 13th  1992

This fight was something that touched the hearts of a lot of boxing fans. It satisfied people on a lot of levels and that was somewhat unexpected heading into the fight. Evander Holyfield at the time was a champion that the boxing public was not infatuated with.

Mike Tyson was still the champ in a lot of people’s eyes and the Pit bull from ATL was viewed as a blown up cruiserweight and not a traditional heavyweight. He found his litmus test in a tall highly talented Olympian from Brownsville New York.

Big daddy had taken the silver medal in 1988 in S/K  and shot up the heavy weight ranks with unusual hand speed for a guy his size and an affable persona that made him a media darling. Riddick also was a tall imposing heavyweight in his prime a combination that the “unproven“ Holyfield  had yet to encounter in his initial reign as heavyweight King pin.

There were two major question entering the fight. One would Riddick(who’s mental toughness has been questioned up to that point) be able to weather the type of fury that a young Holyfield could generate. Two would Evander be able to topple a “real” heavyweight. The resulting clash was one for the ages.

Evander started with courageous aggression determined to test Riddicks heart and resolve. Daddy responded  with punishing accurate combinations that stalled the Holyfield express over the middle rounds. The 10th round(considered on of the great in history) defined ebb and  flow in boxing.

Riddick landed a tremendous upper cut and then proceeded to batter Evander from pillar to post. It looked to be over but Evander reversed the tide in that very SAME round and almost knocked Bowe out. They fought after the bell. Bowe took a deserved decision and affirmation that he was a true tough heavyweight champion.

Evander was not disgraced in the fight. He proved that he could hang with anyone in the heavy weight division despite his perceived physical disadvantages. They needed each other and together they mutually elevated their careers even though there could only be one winner

”Marvelous” Marvin Hagler Vs Thomas “Hitman” Hearn’s

Undisputed middleweight title      (160 pounds)

April 15th 1985

My father attended this fight and too this day he tells me that’ this fight is the greatest thing that he has ever seen as a boxing fan. Marvin haggler was the Larry Holmes of his division. He was an extensively tenured middleweight champion putting up 15-title defenses in all. But something was missing. He was not embraced by mainstream America the way Ray Charles was at the time; he was through out his career a man who had to fight and claw every inch of the way.

He had the tangible boxing accolades but he didn’t have public adulation. He was seeking his defining moment as he entered the latter part of a hall of fame career. It all fell into place when the word got out that Sugar was going to retire due to a detached retina suffered at the hands of the motor city cobra during their 1981 tilt.

Thomas Hearns in wake of his epic stoppage loss to Ray  moved up to 154 pounds and began to  pick up the pieces. It all crystallized when Thomas Hearns smoked Roberto Duran in scary fashion inside of three rounds. The same Roberto Duran who had given Marvin all he could handle in two tough prize fights.

With Ray fishing the two turned their attention towards each other and the public seeing how the two styles would clash jumped right on the band wagon. After some initial drama and a “pinkie” injury  of which I don’t have the time to write about the fight was finally  made and the trash talking began.

Thomas Hearn’s was no longer the quiet quaint kid from Detroit. He now was the loud antagonizing figure and it only poured gasoline one the fire that was Hagler’s determination. Some say that Thomas Hearn’s was seen in the casino gambling and drinking the night before the fight.

He was oozing with confidence and was convinced that Hagler’s straight ahead style was taylor made for him. Marvin on the other hand saw this as his biggest chance to get the acclaim he so badly wanted. That coupled with Tommey’s antics had Hagler in a violent state of mind in the lead up the fight. He was always seen wearing shirts with war on them and what not.

He truly wanted to hurt TH based on comments I have read and that was necessary to get what we got. Usually in boxing a fight takes some time to get going and flowing.

This fight was not a boxing match it was a fight. They met in the center of the ring and began dropping every single punch they could throw. It was like watching a tough man contest.

There was no boxing whats so ever. Thomas with his long arms and straight as an arrow form on his right hand kept Marvin at bay cutting him badly on the head. Marvin in turn hurt The Hitman with sublime stomach head combinations in the final min.

They slugged it out in the final min with sweat flying into the TV cameras and Barry t of HBO screaming into the Mike” THIS IS STILL THE FIRST ROUND”. Al Michaels who we all know and love said that was the greatest three min in boxing history.

The fight did not slow down but it did get complicated. Moving into the second round when connecting with a right hand Thomas Hearn’s broke his right hand in the first round. He then proceeded to not quit but fight harder.

The crescendo blasted off in the third round with a determined Marvin catching up to and stopping Thomas with a slick right hand right next to the ear. Thomas was shot….he had nothing. He was either over trained or under trained. Either way he was not right. The fight was an action movie battle.

Like rocky and sh##t, I loved watching it and it is with out question worth of this very honorable list. Thomas fought valiantly but again suffered a career defining defeat. Marvin finally got what he had coveted for years and years. Respect and love. And endorsements.

He became a fixture in the American commercial scene in wake of the fight. Marvin became so popular after the fight that Sugar Ray would eventually come back to fight him due to his need for the spotlight that MARVIN now had.

Alexis Argulleo Vs Aryon Pryor

Undisputed Jr welterweight championship  (140 pounds)


What you had here was polar opposites. Prince Charming and Grendel. AA was everything you love about the sport of boxing. Bert Sugar called him the most gracious man he has ever covered in and out of the ring.

He became an American hero in wake of the Sandinista government taking occupation of his home country. Due to this event and the fact that the SG attempted to freeze his assets AA grabbed his family and fled to America where he settled in Miami. In wake of his defection the American public gravitated towards him.

His touching gesture to Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini after their fight in front of a national audience didn’t hurt either. He was Oscar del hoya before there was Oscar Del hoya. He won 3 world titles and with his good looks and charm wanted to cement his boxing legacy with one more title/career defining victory.

The Hawk on the other hand was not from the sunnier side of the tracks. He was born in a Cincinnati ghetto one of many children. He did not have a father figure growing up and that coupled with his innate aggression gravitated him towards boxing He didn’t make the 1976 Olympics despite an established Amateur pedigree.

He missed out on the paydays and network contracts that Ray Charles and the Spinks brothers were handed in wake of their respective Olympic successes. Ray Charles moved up to Welterweight in my mind to get away from the aforementioned. Aryon ran off a string of impressive victory’s displaying all time talent and endless Versatility.

He cleaned out his division and since he was in able to secure a fight with Ray need a big name to put him on the road to national stardom. He found that golden ticket Willy Wonka style in AA; the fight was slated to be in the orange bowl in Miami. AA had become a local hero to the Cuban population in Miami because of the connection between the SG and Castro.

What you got the night of the fight was a tremendous celebration of boxing as we all wish it to be. It was abundantly clear who the hometown favorite was because of several factors One even though Pryor was the champ he entered first, was introduced first and was introduced by just his name where as AA was introduced with the term “Mr: in front of his name.

The images I have seen of Pryor before the fight are somewhat troubling to look at. He has a look in his eyes that no one on earth is going to beat him tonight. “A man intense” Barry T on the call mentioned before the bell rang. He was already an insecure guy to begin with and the dis respect that was shown to him on a night when it WAS he who was the champion Fueled the fire to a raging inferno by the time the bell sounded. Right from the on set AP Pressured AA all over the ring landing filthy combinations in conjunction with improvised movement.

They both set an iron man pace in the very first round. It was clear that AP did not respect AA vaunted punching power. That belief was quickly tempered by the crisp clean straight shots thrown by AA.

He tagged AP to the point where Pryor realized that getting knocked out was a distinct possibility if he continued upon his charted course of action He then begin to move and throw from all angles but leaning more towards boxing.

One unfortunate aspect of this as stipulated by a fellow writer last time was the Black bottle that AP drank from twice during the course of the tilt. Panama Lewis (who also was tied into a plaster incident in the 80’s that arguably lead to another mans death) asked his assistants in the corner to hand him “not the water the one I mixed”.

At one point in the fight Ray Charles on the call asked the question” where is AP getting these spread out energy burst from?” He took a sip in the second and final round of the fight. After his second sip he caught AA with two handed combinations that sent AA sprawling into the ropes were AP rushed him and took the fight that was about to be taken from him.

In light of  Panama Lewis spilling the beans, allegations arose  here, there and everywhere. The “Mix” lead to a re match which AP won in even more brutal fashion. This much is clear though,,,,,their fight was an all time struggle, A true fight to the death at times. If you have not seen this fight check it out…breath taking

Ray Charles Lenard vs. Thomas Hearns

Unified Welterweight title (147 pounds)

September 16th 1981

The height of both these hall of famers careers crystallized in 1981 amid years of anticipation and hype. Sugar Ray in all his glory had emerged from his “No Mas” rematch with Duran as maybe the best pound for pound fighter out there.

He was garnering tremendous momentum. Ray was getting endorsement deals out the wazoo, making friends in high places, and most importantly of all having a big role in his financial dealings and affairs where as most boxers actually hire a promoter and a manager to do it for them.

He was Americas champ and the one thing he needed to be considered a great fighter was simple beat Thomas Hearn’s The motor city cobra won a legit piece of the welterweight title when he knocked out highly respected champ PC.

This shockingly dominant victory put ray and the public on notice. Rays camp deferred the fight for a good amount of time in order to build interest and by the time the fight came off in 1981 it was a Mainstream event.

People from DET poured into Las Vegas to see their hero try and elevate himself to marvelous heights. Thomas was the betting favorite due to that glock of a right hand that could emerge any second.

It was on this night that they both would become boxing deities. The fight began with Ray being a little surprised with TH reach and fluidity. Ray would change the course of the fight when he landed a big right hand in the middle rounds and had TH in BIG trouble. The fight then did a complete 360. Ray became the stalker and TH became the boxer.

Ray had his moments but oh man did TH box those middle/late rounds. It was pretty to see on tape. Angelou Dundee kept his cool and kept it real in the face of being down on the cards and Rays eye getting fatter by the second,” Your blowin it son….your blowin it” Ray jumped off the stool and beat TH into submission the ref calling the fight when it was clear he was in danger of getting hurt.

If TH stays on his feet he wins the unified welterweight championship of the world. He knew that, Ray knew that, everyone knew that. Yet, Ray found a way to pull out his defining moment against most odds makers and maybe his own belief. He became a boxing icon on that night and TH,the great warrior, was elevated to new heights in defeat. That’s what makes a great fight

Ali Vs Frazier 1

Undisputed Heavy weight title

March 8th 1971

Ladies and gents I present the most fantastic, dramatic, socially impactful, action packed, worldwide event fight ever in the history of boxing. A lot of people may point out other fights but this fight is the most complete combination of worldwide event AND earth shattering fight. This fight took place during a time of social change in America.

It also took place during Americas offensive in Vietnam. Ali as we all know had come out against the war “No Viet Kong ever called me N$$$er” He refused to be inducted into the draft and was stripped of his titles at the height of his powers. Ali ‘s emerging  political stance provoked white America.

He had joined the highly combative Black Muslims and then proceeded to not fight for his country. This cut across many lines. Veterans of the establishment vilified Ali while college students, hippies, and African Americans identified with Ali and took up his cause. Joe Frazier was far from a politician or an orator. He was the son of a sharecropper from SC.

He came from humble beginnings and remained humble even after taking the heavy weight title. The Anti Ali establishment gravivatated towards him because of his soft spoken nature and perceived all American stance. When it came time for the two to meet in Madison SA garden the two men had become causes. Ali, the defiant civil activist who also happened to be the greatest heavyweight that ever lived.

Then we had the soft-spoken Joe Frazier who wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but a good man nonetheless. This particular dynamic would prove disastrous for Ali. Ali taunted Joe up and down the block calling everything from “dumb  and ugly”to an “uncle Tom” to a “pure [email protected]@@ger”. Since Ali had such power in the black community Joe and his family went through a lot in the lead up to the fight. This really hurt Joe really hurt him. Still hurts him. He would say years later” the antics built up an anger” that festered the night of the fight. Every now and then we refer to certain fights as events. Events are generally fights that Mainstream America picks up on and gravitates too. Joe Louis Vs Max S. 2, Ali vs. Foreman, and as bob arum told me when I interviewed him Hagler vs. SRL. These fights were the talk of the nation when they finally dropped and of course there is more but there is none that really approached the level of this “event”. Ali was by public distinction a symbol for anti Vietnam sentiment where’s Frazier was adopted by the establishment simply because he was the anti Ali. I have seen images of him in congress and so on so it got pretty dramatic in the lead up. This fight was broadcast all over the world the first such fight to have such a gigantic pay per view live telecast. This was the first true Pay per view event. Burt Lancaster BURT LANCASTER was on the call with Archie Moore. Frank S. was ringside taking pictures for Life magazine. Every pimp, Gangster (including an American one (= ) actor, actress, singer, noble blood, athlete, and sportswriter that mattered was there. No one missed this fight. When they fighters came down for their introductions they walked onto the world’s stage the only fight that had come close to generating this type of sizzle was Louis/Sch 2. The fight began with Joe taking some tremendous shots as their style’s clashed with pugilistic fury. Ali almost knocked out in the first round and skated to a 3-0 lead through three rounds. Joe then began to start smoking attacking the rib cage adopting Balboa’s Philosophy of taking 2 to get 1. He would not be denied on this night. Ali then began to take over in the middle to late rounds pulling closer on the scorecards.

The fight began to take a massive physical toll on both fighters. Ali had a broken jaw and bruised ribs. Joe’s Face was a swollen car wreck the likes of which we have not seen. He was having trouble with his internal organs and would become a resident at a hospital for an extended amount of time as result.

At one point there was even a rumor that he had died. In the 15th round the all time tilt hit a fever pitch with Frazier throwing the left hook of his life. Ali was in the process of moving out of range, and then suddenly, Joe (who had very long arms for a shorter man) lunged forward and caught ALI with a picture perfect left hook right on the chin. Down goes ALI. The crowd rises. So does ALI.

They fight to the bell with Joe Frazier embracing his defining moment.. Joe took every sizzling accurate shot that Ali threw. He took all the taunts, questions about his intelligence, attacks on his status as a true black man, and his lack of vernacular.

He took all of that heat and the fact that he had an all time fighter in his way and he did not he wilt, he did not give in, he smiled every time he was humiliated and in the end…..he persevered. Now the irony button got pressed after the fight because Joe in light of his biggest victory seemed to get smaller and Ali as history shows became bigger. A global icon.

Bert Sugar said it best” that night winner was the loser and the loser was the winner”.. The party that didn’t lose on that oh so great night was us the fans. They gave us something that will last forever. Thank you

Yeah Yeah!,  I am catching heat from my friend for making this to long. He and anyone else will have to get over it.  If one is going to remember greatness then that greatness must be treated with respect.

I gave my best effort to capture several aspects of each fight for your consumption.. I want to applaud all of you the fans…we know our fu###ing our boxing, here are  some random thoughts in wake of last nights better then expected presentation

Ps for you viewing pleasure here is a link to my interview with Bob Arum

The Top 10 Boxers of All Time

March 17, 2009

by Christian … Hola, boxing fans. It has been a dark first quarter of the year in terms of sports and with our heroes falling like dominos it is always nice to manufacture some nostalgia and good debate.

The agenda today, ladies and gents, is the age-old debate of just who is the greatest. It is very difficult as I found out to name the greatest fighter of all time due to an array of interesting factors.

I initially wanted to do a piece on the No. 1 fighter all time pound for pound but after doing my research I concluded that in order to off set the difficulty of naming one man I have reformed my initial Plan and will now name the top 10 greatest fighters of all time.

Please don’t take my judgment lightly. I spent a combined 10 hours at an old friends house watching fight film going back to the Pf flyers and based on what I saw I compiled this very gaudy list.

Keep in mind fans that each fighter is being rated thus according to work done in their prime. I don’t want any dumb fans complaining that certain fighters have too many losses or fought too long.

These rankings are based on these men being in their primes and at the height of their powers. Another important component is the fighter’s best weight.

Within the eminent analysis you will find fighters that excelled in various weights, however, I have ranked them based on how they did in their premier division and I rank them against others who were great that fought in the same division. Dive in and enjoy try and keep the arguing to a minimum  (=

10. ”Sugar” Shane Mosley     Lightweight          46-5

The case can be made that Shane Mosley is the greatest lightweight that ever lived. He Went to war 34 times and emerged a winner all 34 times.

Shane today has tremendous power at welterweight, as evidenced by his recent shut down of you know who.  His power at 135 pounds may be unmatched in the history of boxing.

Larry Merchant calls Shane the most physically dominant lightweight he has ever covered. I cannot go that far but the numbers do not lie.

He matches up with any lightweight who has ever laced them up, therefore he is easily one of the greatest fighters of all time due to the high profile patronage that has visited the division through out the years.

9.  Larry Holmes                Heavyweight           69-6

The numbers that Larry amassed in boxing’s greatest division are staggering. He made 20 title defenses, second only to Joe Louis.  He fought anybody and everybody while ducking nobody.

Ernie Shavers, Ken Norton, Michael Spinks, looking at his record there is really no one of any relevance who DIDN’T fight Larry Holmes in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

He was the ultimate tactician. The Easton assassin had the full offensive kitchen. His Jab was numbing and his straight right was about as textbook as it gets.

He is shortchanged by history due to his reign being in the wake of ALI but he is truly one of the greatest Professional prize fighters of all time.

8. Joe Louis              Heavyweight     69-3

I must say that I am basing this on what he did in the ring and not his impact on America or the African-American community. If that were the case then Joseph Barrow Louis would be number one.

The Brown Bomber was so very dominant during his reign as the champ of the world. He shattered the myth that Jack Johnson created that a black man could not be champion and be dignified. He had awesome power in both fists.

It was evident when he made Max S. shriek like a damsel in distress during their historic second tilt. It was evident when you see Billy Conn evaporate after a brown-spiced combination.

He is one of the top three greatest power punchers who ever lived. My only fault with him is that he seemed to have a suspect chin and sometimes fought down to his competition.

All in all though, it does not get much better then Joe due to his record as the longest tenured heavyweight champion in history.

7. Roberto Duran        Lightweight       103-16

Manos de Piedra!  I pontificated on whether Shane Mosley was the greatest lightweight of all time. However that is impossible to confirm, due to Roberto Duran and his sustained onslaught on the lightweight division in the 70s.

Physically in his prime was the most punishing fighters that ever lived. He was a tornado of a fighter, overwhelming his opponents with tact and speed. He also had a gung-ho attitude that made him even more dangerous.

He knew how to box, of course, but he actually preferred to fight. A high-class brawler if you will. He really does not have an equal outside of Sugar in the history of this division. He was Manny before there was Manny.

His career spanned 40 years and saw him take titles in 4 different weight classes. He is already a Hall of Famer and he can rest at night knowing that everyone considers him the greatest lightweight world champion…ever.

6.  Jack Dempsey      Heavyweight         66-6

Since this is not a popularity contest, I cannot rank the second most popular man in boxing history at No. 2. Instead, I would rather look at him, the fighter. The man I saw on tape was a straight monster.

He also had a swagger that made his power and aggression even that much more enhanced. He was in so many words, a white Mike Tyson.

He held the title for seven years, and I know there was inactivity during that tenure, but his dominance of the heavyweight division cannot be refuted or ignored. I guess it helps him a little that he is the biggest “butts in seats” draw in boxing history.

It’s not even close. I mean just massive amounts of people as far as the eye can see. It makes sense in retrospect though. If you have a fighter who is a matinee idol outside of the ring and an animal of a world champion in it, I would pay to see that, too.

5. Guglielmo Papaleo        Featherweight          230-11

Yes you read that amazing record correctly. The speedster from CT (YEAH QU!) was on paper the most dominant fighter ever during the forties and early fifties.

“Willie Pep” was the most graceful and fluid of the fighters that I saw. His power and hand speed was almost breathtaking at times. The “Wisp”  compiled over 200 victories in the featherweight division.

That is pretty hard to get your mind around, right? Well on top of that it is speculated that he fought in even more fights then the record states.

He is the greatest featherweight in boxing history and with that elegant movement that I saw when viewing his fights, I can see why so many people have told me he is the greatest ever.

I don’t go that far but he is on the Mt. Rushmore make no bones about it.

4. Ray Charles Leonard     Welterweight         36-3

“Sugar” was a mini Ali. With the boring Larry Holmes supplanting Ali, boxing needed a spark. A revolution. They got it from the super talented kid from Palmer Park, Md.

Ray emerged from the Montreal Olympics as boxing’s sure bet. He delivered and he ushered in a golden era in Boxing’s little divisions. He ran through the welterweight division minus the speed bump against the formidable Duran.

After disposing of Roberto in their rematch, he would go on to the unify the titles against the Motor City Cobra in 1981. Look that that welterweight division. Roberto Duran, Thomas Hearns, Wilfred Benitez.

Ray was great during a time of great fighters and he did in a glamour division. His talent and smile saved boxing in a time when the country needed a new fighter to grab onto and follow. He legacy is sealed.

3. Floyd Mayweather Jr.    Welterweight        39-0

I would assume I might hear some music over this selection. However anyone that would argue is letting this personal bias get in the way of the facts.

Again I sat there on a Saturday recently and watched hours upon hours of tape and I had trouble finding even three fighters who had the physical talents of FMJ.

His radar like senses, lightning quick reflexes, and Boxing intuition are virtually unmatched to my eye.

It is very difficult to find someone who has more PURE talent then FMJ.  He is not a reader of how to win friends and influence people but that does not give all these people the right to discout his merit.

That is unacceptable and I wont have it. Floyd is the only pound-for-pound fighter with out a loss. I don’t know how it’s possible to refute that but I am sure that some of you will try.

2. Muhammad Ali        Heavyweight          56-5

What can I say? He is  the undisputed peoples champion. In his prime before the draft and name change he was a true work of art. At 6 foot three he has the movement of a dancer, the height of a two guard, the power of a heavyweight but the skill tact and speed of a light Middleweight.

His boxing skills are hard to compare. He utilized the jab to dimensions not since visited and he also knew where to hit you hence the second Liston fight. He won the title three different times and took on anyone that stepped up.

I don’t think anyone fought a wider range of heavyweights due his traveling the world over the course of his career.

He is the greatest heavyweight that ever lived and if you ask him that same question I am sure he would concur, haha.

1. Sugar Ray Robinson       Welterweight         175-19

I present to you the Greatest Pound for Pound fighter that ever lived. Never mind the fact that he won titles at lightweight and light heavyweight. It’s more due to his service in the welterweight division.

A smooth as ice Prizefighter with super duper talent, the dimensions to his skill set were without limits. I saw him throw every kind of punch the craft can possibly allow. I saw glide across the canvas with ease and land those speed-of-sound accurate shots.

He was the total Package and while Many others can claim that same notion, few have demonstrated it and none if any have done it like this man.

If God, whoever you believe him to be, could create the ultimate fighting machine this is exactly the product that he would pop out. I wish I would have seen his pugilistic wheelhouse, I wish I could have seen the music that was his fighting style.

I saw it on tape, but in person, I am sure it was even more impressive.  He is the greatest fighter of all time and I now know for sure.

Thanks, boxing fans. I hope my rankings were up to the task. I will get at you guys soon, I am going to leave you guys with some random thoughts, be well!

Random thoughts

-It was truly disheartening to hear about former lightweight world champ Nate Cam and his weight troubles. In an age of interim and super champions he was a very real unified champion in a glamour division. He blew that tremendous position and all talk about 140 is nice but it seemed like a convenient out to a major league screw up.

-The administrative contingent really blew it last night. From the refs to the judges to the promoter….what a disaster.

- How bout my 2008 prospect of the year? I spoke of his brutality two months ago and last night he manifested it

-Lennox Lewis is the worst boxing commentator of all time, why do they continue to indulge him? At this point, it is bordering on unprofessional to have Lennox and his lacking vernacular present in the announcers’ booth.

-Strap in fans, in wake of the seventh round of the Sergio-Kermit fight boxing now will have to address the concept of instant replay…..this debate will get louder and louder until commissions address it.

thanks fans